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Old Wives Tales and Misc Games
ffwife23Kt posted:
Hi fellow mommies!

I was just curious if anyone has had silly games done to predict the sex of your baby. For example my friend asked me to pick up a key for her and because of the way I picked it up she said I was having a girl. A little weird I know. I also had one co worker do the "pencil" test on my wrist and told me I was having a girl. These are all fun and games but I was curious if anyone else had similar experiences. I go in two weeks tomorrow to find out what I am having so I guess there could be some truth to it but you never know!

Have a great rest of your day!
candy352 responded:
I did the ring on a string test. It said I was having a boy. DH didn't believe it. He said I was making it swing that way. Lol and my sister said I was having a girl. Not due to a test or game, but she said because my nephew was all over me and loving on me it meant I was having a girl. Apparently if a male child likes you, you are having a girl. If a female child likes you, you will have a boy. I definitely did not take her serious. For one she is crazy and for two my nephew always acts that way with me. I'm his fave auntie!!!
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candy352 responded:
Oh another wives tale...if you lose your looks during the pregnancy, it's supposed to mean that you are having a girl because she is taking away some of your beauty lol
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
loyal1982 responded:
I did the teaspoon of baking soda in a cup and pee in it. If it fizzes its a boy if its flat then its a girl. Mine was flat so I guess we'll see.
aly192527 responded:
The first time they were able to pick up our baby's heartbeat on doppler, my doctor said that if the old wive's tale about the heartbeat was true we were going to have a boy (below 140 boy, higher than 140 girl). And we are having a boy, so that was right in our case. The chinese calendar thing also said we would have a boy and a lot of women said that because I am "carrying low" it would be a boy. Well, all of this turned out to be true. :-)
missashley1010 responded:
well i didnt play any games but I did the baking soda test and it fizzed and im having a boy. Also with the lose your looks thing oh man with this acne I thought for sure girl but nope prolly just a handsome boy :) The heart rate thing didnt work for me he was in the "girl heart rate area" and still is lol.
hurrydecember responded:
I have two boys now and my neighbor did a key on a rubberband over my belly and it swung in a circle which means girl. She also did a needle on some thread over my wrist to tell me what I already have in the correct order. It first went side to side, and she stopped it, then again side to side then she stopped it and then a circle then she checked to see if I would have anymore and nothing happened. It stopped moving. I find out Aug 5th

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