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Sex question (probly TMI)
sweets1988 posted:
alright is anyone else having sexual issues? I'm 23 weeks prego and for about 4 weeks or more i have come ( or lack there of! ) to notice that my sex drive has evaporated and my G-spot ran off with it! i have never had this issue, even with my first pregnancy. In fact when i was prego with my daughter i was always switched on...

but this time round nothing gets me going... we've tried watching porn together, all sorts of foreplay, the kama sutra for pregnancy falls flat... i mean for a few weeks not i couldnt even do the job myself! i feel like suck a failure! i mean if i cant even please myself how can i expect my poor husband get me going? and when we try i know it hurts him because he thinks its all his fault! that somethings wrong with him no matter how i try to explain... and the few off chances that it starts feeling good something hurts, i get a cramp or our daughter wakes up!

ive been catching myself getting depressed because of it. i mean i cant help but feel broken and stressed. it used to be the best way to de-stress me and now its even more stressful because i worry i will fail again when we try.

any ideas ladies? or anyone else need to vent? i just dont wanna be alone ;_;
Team yellow/green until the next Ultrasound! can't wait... rawr! lol
htma4494 responded:
Girl, its the pregnancy hormones, gotta love them. I too sometimes I am just not in the mood at all, while some other times, I am very very in the mood. Don't feel bad, your body is going through so msny chsnges and all pregnancies are different, you must be having a boy this time!
sweets1988 replied to htma4494's response:
hope so! my personal limit is 4 kids, and im hoping to get a boy before that mark. i love my daughter to death and would be happy with more, but my husband really wants a boy to carry on his name. hes the last one in the family that can do that so, though i know he would be happy with girls, he really has his hopes on a boy. either way its worth all the trouble, just wishful thinking lol thank you kindly for reading and getting back to me. made me feel worlds better.
Team yellow/green until the next Ultrasound! can't wait... rawr! lol

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