This week!
extxdancer posted:
So I'm sitting here at work, knowing I should be working, but I cannot stop thinking about the big u/s this week! This is my first, and I don't even have a preference between boy/girl (I keep going back and forth). My hubby is hoping for a boy...

What are some great ways to break the news to the world once we find out?

Also, I'm afraid the baby won't be cooperative and we won't be able to tell...any crazy advice or stories out there on how to 'help' the situation? I read somewhere about someone having a little caffeine that day to make the baby more active lol.

Thanks for your advice!
htma4494 responded:
No, I wouldn't drink caffeine, what I've noticed is that when I am hungry,my baby moves around alot as to say "mommy you better feed me" My U/S was early in the am so I was not able to eat breakfast and the baby was soo cooperative (I always eat breakfast after I leave my OB appt's) when I am on my way to work, So try and not have breakfast before you go, you can eat after the appt if its the am, if its in the afternoon, then hold off on lunch until after the appt,,Also, a friend of minem told me that eating a piece of candy will help as well (something really sweet). Good luck and congrats!
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aly192527 responded:
My baby moves around a lot when I drink juice or milk. I think it's the sugar, so before my u/s I drank some juice and he was cooperative. My baby moves more right after I eat and not much at all when I'm hungry, so I think every baby is different. Maybe if you've noticed that your baby is more active when you do or don't do something, try that right before. BTW, my friend, who is a nurse, drank her one and only caffeinated soda during pregnancy before her u/s and her baby was moving so much they could hardly get the measurements they needed. lol. Hope the appointment goes well!
sweets1988 responded:
my dr said no caffeine or sugar before the U/S cus most of the time baby will move around too much for them to see much of anything. i was told just lotsa water for the best view. so you almost pee yourself but so worth it oddly the calmer the baby the better, and viewing the gender is mainly resting on how the baby is sitting. my last U/S baby was facing down and so low they couldnt even get a good heart picture let alone gender, so i go back the 9th of august. to avoid my problem you can get on all fours and put your butt in the air for a while. to angle your hips and bring them out of the hip area more. thats what im supposed to do if my LO is feeling low that day. either way, good luck!
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