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Is October too late?
TristaJ90 posted:
My baby boy is due on November 18th (which kinda sucks for me, the new TWILIGHT movie comes out that day, but I'm still planning on going for the midnight showing) anyway, but my mother is planning my baby shower. She thinks that end of August and September are too early for a shower so her planned date is October 15th. If I went in early I could totally ruin the whole shower thing. I've told her that I wanted to have it earlier so I could get everything sorted out and put away before anything would happen but she just doesn't listen. I don't know if October 15th would be too late for a November 18th baby.
Any comments or suggestions?
lbcash responded:
With my first pregnancy my friends and family had my shower when I was 30 weeks. I am really glad too because I went on bed rest less than a week after the shower. Then I had my first child three weeks early due to pre-eclampsia.
melissa5583 responded:
I'm due the same day! I was also wanting to go see the new Twilight movie! lol. I have a shower planned for the last Friday in October because everyone wants a Halloween themed shower! I'd prefer it earlier, but hopefully she'll stay put for a couple more weeks!
ffwife23Kt replied to lbcash's response:
I would want it earlier too. I had mine in early September and was due November 28th, but put on bed rest in October due to high blood pressure and had my son 3 weeks early. I am glad that they did it early so I could get everything ready before bringing him home. You never know what can happen in those last few weeks.
candy352 replied to ffwife23Kt's response:
I think that September would be an awesome time to have your shower. October might be pushing it.
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
htma4494 responded:
Hi, I am due Nov 9th now, which changed from Oct 31 due date (My mom is going to have my baby shower the weekend after labor day, just to be safe, she has a feeling I'm still going to have to the baby sometime toward the end of October anyways...But I don't know that's almost a month difference so you maybe okay..I know for me, I;d perfer to have a baby showe at least closer to 2 months before b.c then it gives you time to do the nursery once you know what you are having,..Btw, how are you going to see the twilight movie if you go into labor?
Me: 24, DF: 27, EDD: 11/9/10 (1st Child) Team Blue!!! X0X0, Cia
TristaJ90 replied to melissa5583's response:
hey, want to be due date buddies :) lol. I'm not exactly sure how we could keep eachother in touch other than here... But it'd be cool to have a fellow twilight fan as a due date buddy :)
Me 21, SO 22. EDD 11/18. TEAM BLUE!
TristaJ90 replied to htma4494's response:
I plan on buying tickets for the mid night showing (that is, if I can, if i go early I dont know if I'll be able to go get tickets-they go kinda fast in my area..) and if the baby isn't showing signs of coming I'll use the ticket, if not, i'll find someone to take it and I'll wait til he's out first. If i'm in the theatre and labor starts, I guess I'll try to grin and bear it. lol.
Me 21, SO 22. EDD 11/18. TEAM BLUE!
ReneeSP replied to TristaJ90's response:
I am with you on wanting it earlier. I'm having more than one, and the in-laws are planning it for 10/15 as well and I'm due 11/30, which to me is pushing it. I'm like you, I want to know what I've got and what I still need to buy and have things ready a few weeks ahead of time so I'm not caught off guard! I made the other party planners promise to do it earlier - thats the bigger shower anyway so it will be the bulk of my stuff.
Renee (29), DH (31); 1st pregnancy after infertility - EDD 11/30/11
ashandchad responded:
Lurking from 3rd trimester....I am 38 weeks 1 day and had my shower when I was 31 weeks. I am really glad I did because it has given me time to get the things I still need. I got most of it at the shower but didn't get things like bottles or a breast pump. I had time to get them while I still had the energy and felt up to shopping. I'm relieved to be finished with everything and can wait for her arrival without having to still be buying baby items and setting up a nursery.
missashley1010 responded:
wooo twilight lol im pumped my little man will be here early october so I dont have to worrie..I even have a babysitter lined its sad. Oh well I love it. Anyways I agree with you Im due oct 10th and my shower is this saturday im happy to be doing it early because whatever I dont have I want to have plenty of time to get. But thats just MO
TristaJ90 replied to missashley1010's response:
Hey missashley, I've read some of your posts, are you from MN? That's where I'm from!!
Me 21, SO 22. EDD 11/18. TEAM BLUE!
kell0613 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri

Just wanted to post an opposite opinion. I am having my shower this Saturday, and I'm due Sept 12th (so, I will be 35 weeks at my shower) There was a wedding, my mom was traveling, and then my anniversary in 3 consecutive weekends that kind of pushed it this late, but I've been having a very "normal" pregnancy so far, so no issues with going on bed rest or anything.
Also, because I had a LOT of stuff given to me, this gave me a chance to really pare down my registry to the last few basics that I need. If I don't get them, I can easily go buy them next week.
It really just depends on you and how your pg is going. I'm hoping if your Mom is waiting until 4 weeks before your due date, that you're at least in the same town and she isn't expecting you to travel at 36 weeks! That I'd definately advise against!!
PS- I'm already trying to talk my hubby into babysitting so I can do a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with my sis-in-law :)
Me(26), DH(32), Baby 1 EDD 9/12/11 - Team Pink!
TristaJ90 replied to kell0613's response:
Yay Breaking Dawn! lol. I am going to get my advanced tickets and if I go into labor and can't see it, I will try to give those tickets to someone and just go later that weekend or the next week. I just hope my baby lets me keep my tradition with those movies :) It's about time I start re-reading the book too!
Me 21, SO 22. EDD 11/18. TEAM BLUE!

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