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Breast Leakage?
tristaj90 posted:
So I'm 24 and a half weeks right now. I started noticing my shirts were getting wet (only on overnights, I choose to go bra-less) about 2 weeks ago. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this happen? It's kinda scary that I'm leaking...I get worried that something is wrong with me. It's my first pregnancy and I'm happy with most things so far. (God blessed me with a baby boy as my first child and that's what I always wanted ^_^ ).

Anyway, any advice or others out there who have experienced this would be appreciated. I'm just worried about it.
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htma4494 responded:
Yes this is normal in pregnancy, the leakage is called Colostroum...Its basically pre-milk discharging from your nipples. Some one develop this and others do not develop milk production until immediately after birth..I am 26 wks and have not had this happen as of it, but yes, it is completley normal!
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sweets1988 responded:
relax hun its perfectly normal. specialy if your going bra-less, because that can put more pressure on your breasts without the support. this is my second pregnancy and i started leaking some at about 20 weeks, with my first it was about 30 weeks. we are all different every time, but its not a bad thing. your body is just getting ready for the big day when they would be needed. i would suggest finding a comfy sports bra or something breathable to wear to bed as your pregnancy progresses though. i too loved the freedom for my girls, but with DD's and growing it killed my back at night. most women gain a breast size or two and so a bra can help later on. Best of luck!
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lebmommy responded:
Its very normal. I had severe leakage, i could actually pump milk at 5 months pregnant with both my previous pregnancies. This one so far i have not, i have just doubled in size and im only 14 weeks. Its very common, i dont wear a bra at night either, too constricting to me. But when/if it gets to be a lot or too much its on your sheets or something unfortunately you will need a bra and maybe even breast pads. I had to at some point, some women are lucky and dont have that problem till after, some of us produce enough to feed a village!
klynshoe responded:
Yes I started leaking also at about 24 weeks. I've since learned from my doc to be careful about trying to make it come out by squeezing your breasts/nipples because I guess your body only produces so much colostrum which is really important for your newborn baby. So be careful about squeezing too much out - save it for the big day!

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