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Growing pains or somethin bigger???
NanjingDad posted:
We are in our 13th week? finally got here after a rough first 3 months. We were relieved to see very good numbers and measurements with our last ultrasound, heard the heart beat and everything was looking good (*this was during week 12).
Today (middle of week 13) my wife started to have cramps; at least that's what I think they were. Problem is, they didn't really subside... she had some discomfort for about 30min and then it peak and she was curled up in a ball on the bed for 45 min. After that they eased off enough for her to get up and move around but not in the normal way. She can't really stand up straight or stretch her legs out without feeling discomfort.
Now, I know that 2nd trimester can mean cramping but this seems a little over the top to me... more than just growing pains (then again, I am a sculptor not a doctor).
Anyone able to tell me if they have had similar "cramps"...

*note: she is not spotting, puking, or feeling nausea in anyway... just very uncomfortable below the belly button.
sweets1988 responded:
had a few days like that. Horrible cramping for a bit to where i coudnt move my abs at all. it was like my whole mid-drift was in a charlie horse. it lasted for about an hour and a half letting off for a few mins at a time, and i worried it was more then Braxton hicks ( practice contractions that are completely normal). when i asked my Dr. she told me to drink more water and eat a banana or take a potassium pill along with my prenatal pill and calcium supplement. Because dehydration is the most common reason for cramping, and us pregos have it harder as it is. and potassium always can help in a diet for cramping. But this was my case. is you or she is overly worried, feel free to call your Dr. they are always there to answer questions and the like, plus her Dr. might want to know just to write it down. hope it helps. Good luck.

P.S. i also found a warm bath that can cover most of the belly or a warm rice bag helped the cramping alot quickly,
Team yellow/green until the next Ultrasound! can't wait... rawr! lol
NanjingDad replied to sweets1988's response:
Cool, good stuff to know if it happens again. She is drinking loads of water, but a little more can't hurt. I gave her a banana with her breakfast this morning so that should help too.
We will probably go talk to a nurse or doctor about it tomorrow. I doubt it's anything serious, but we are both worried and if it'll put her mind at ease (and mine too) it'll make her feel a lot better!

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