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Childbirth Classes
candy352 posted:
Now that I am more than halfway through, I am wondering when should I begin to look for childbirth classes. Have any of you started? If you have gone through pregnancy before and took classes, how far along were you?
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
kshirley15 responded:
My doctor said I needed to take childbirth classes about two months before my due date, which would be the first of November. The hospital had a 4 week class startin mid October, but we were going to be on a vacation for a week. So I am actually starting a 4 week class this month! My DH will miss one class b/c he has to travel for work but I've recruited a good friend to go with me!
htma4494 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri: Hi, Im 30 weeks now and due Nov 9th...I start child birth classes on Sept 12th..Its for 4 weeks and they meet one night a week for like 3 hrs, im really looking forward to it..I am also taking a breast feeding class in October..
Me: 24, DF: 27, EDD: 11/9/10 (1st Child) Team Blue!!!
X0X0, Cia
missashley1010 responded:
lurking from 3rd tri.

Im due oct 10th I just finished my last childbirth class a week ago. My doctor said do it in my 7th month. I just looked at the schedualed classes if I would have done this next class schedual I would go over my due date! Just look into the classes and the dates and times and do what works best for you. you want to do them early but not too early
aly192527 responded:
From 3rd tri: I am 30 weeks and did an all day one day class instead of the weekly. I went ahead and took the class at 25 weeks because my husband was deploying and I wanted him to be apart of as much as possible before he left. I wouldn't change when I took the class for that reason, but now that I'm getting closer, I'm finding that I have more questions that I could have asked about in class if I had thought of them then. I would say wait until your 7th month or so because you'll be more in that frame of mind. I wouldn't wait too late though because I have had some friends who delivered a couple weeks early and missed their childbirth class.
DH-28, me-28, 1st baby team blue EDD- 11/12/11
candy352 replied to aly192527's response:
Thanks everyone I think I'm going to start researching the classes next month to see which one I want to take. I know different methods are at different lengths, so that should also help me to know when to schedule a class.

@Cia I was wondering about the breastfeeding class too. I will probably wait to take that in my 8th month or so.
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
KBratt responded:
With DD I scheduled them to start 2 months before my DD, I was doing a birthing & breast feeding class, so we were going to go 2 nights a week for like 4-6 weeks, but only 1 1/2hrs. However, on the day my breast feeding class started I was in the hospital having her! She came 7weeks early & I still regret not going earlier when I had more energy & time...It may sound crazy but with this pregnancy I plan on looking into them at about 5months so I can actually get to go to one! Hopefully I don't have this baby 7weeks early, but just in case I want to know more about vaginal birth since last time I had a c-section, & I really hope to breast feed this baby since last time my milk didn't come in I think whenever you are comfortable. But like PP said look at when the classes are offered & make sure you will get to finish the course before DD because you get a tour of the hospital! GL!
Me 22; DH 21; EDD1 8/24 Kelsey Paige
candy352 replied to KBratt's response:
Thanks. I did look at one class last night, and that class is 12 weeks long. If I do that one, I better jump into it as soon as possible. But I'm still looking around. I was hoping to find one that was in my town, just not sure how to search for it. My hospital is an hour away, so I really don't want to go to classes up there. The Bradley method class is in town but that's the one that 12 weeks long.
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
htma4494 replied to candy352's response:
Hi. The breastfeeding class sis Oct 6th, its just a 1x class that meets for like 4hrs and they teach you all about breast feeding..The lady highly recommended it too when I signe up for the child birth classes...There is also an infant safety class too, but I passed on that class, but now I;m thinking that I proabably should take that one too, as they teach you baby CPR, etc...
Me: 24, DF: 27, EDD: 11/9/10 (1st Child) Team Blue!!!
X0X0, Cia
Lysana replied to candy352's response:
The hospital based classes are often a shorter time period, and yes, the doctor will usually tell you to do those in your 7th month.

Often, natural birthing method classes (like the Bradley class) are a longer time period, and you therefore need to start earlier with those. Sometimes those will include some physical aspects, so it's actually good to start those earlier, since the longer you can do the exercises, the better.

It's good that you're looking into it now, while you still have plenty of time to do a longer class, if that's what you're interested in. I didn't decide I wanted to birth without meds, last time, until I was about 32 weeks, and by then, it was too late to take a natural birthing class. I just read a lot, decided ahead of time how I wanted to do things, and made sure I had a provider who was in line with what I wanted and had good labor support. Things outside of your control can always happen to derail a plan, but I didn't want to derail myself by not being sufficiently prepared.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
Kelly (32) ~ Craig (36) ~ Eliana (4.5) ~ Joshua (3) ~ Bekah (13 mo) ~ EDD 2/24/2012 ~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011) ~ ^i^ (Jan 2006)
Lysana replied to Lysana's response:
Oh, that too - when they are offered - it could be that you leave yourself enough weeks to take it, but when you look into it, it's not offered for another three weeks, by which time it's too looking into them sooner helps you plan ahead of time and make sure you can get into a class that will end before you get to the end of your pregnancy.
Kelly (32) ~ Craig (36) ~ Eliana (4.5) ~ Joshua (3) ~ Bekah (13 mo) ~ EDD 2/24/2012 ~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011) ~ ^i^ (Jan 2006)

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