Who's Team Blue?
peanut_1991 posted:
This is my first child and we found out Saturday that we are expecting a little boy!!! We are so happy... Especially my husband. I really just want a healthy baby but we really wanted a boy for our first child. Every man wants a son and Im so happy that my husband is getting his the first time around. Im so excited to start buying blue and green and yellow!!! I love our son so much!! Every time I feel him move my heart skips a beat. This whole experience is so amazing. I would love to hear from other moms to be!!!
missashley1010 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri...
yay!! congrats and welcome to team blue! I remember laying on the table and hearing its a boy and seeing the biggest smile on my boyfriends face! Like you said I was happy with healthy but we are very excited to be having a son
thank heavens for little boys
candy352 replied to missashley1010's response:
I'm pregnant with my first also. I've always wanted a boy first, but we will find out the sex once baby is born. DF reallllly wants a boy. He says he is speaking a boy into existence, LOL. We shall see in January. I just want a healthy baby though. Oh, and what's really weird is that before I got pregnant, I had dreams about little boys. But lately, I have been having dreams of girls.
Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
htma4494 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri: Hello, I am Team Blue!!! yayy for our little boys....My DF and I wanted a girl and we had nothing but girl names picked up, but we are very excited for our little boy, he's going to be a "mama's boyt" for sure...Cant wait to see him! Go Team Blue!!!!!
Me: 24, DF: 27, EDD: 11/9/10 (1st Child) Team Blue!!!
X0X0, Cia
blueskies2012 responded:
Congrats peanut_1991!!! I just found out myself on August 31st that i'm on TEAM BLUE!! DF & I were kind of hoping for a little girl since he has 2 boys from a previous relationship. But i am overjoyed & happy now that i know it's a little guy. I just want a healthy, happy baby. Welcome to mommyhood.