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    SimonaSwaby posted:
    Is this a myth or ture?
    I heard that when your pregnant you can always tell if your having a boy or girl , because the boys don't like girls and boys don't like the girls. So my bestfriend's son always come to me but now he won't. Everyone says I'm having a girl.
    SWABY EDD 03/21/2012
    ffwife23Kt responded:
    I have heard this too but can't say if it's true or not. I have only been around my 22 month old son and he wouldn't count lol since I'm his mommy he always comes to me.

    Katie 26 , DH Brad 29, DS 22 months, Baby #2 EDD 12/18/11-Pink team
    candy352 responded:
    I heard the opposite. I heard that if a boy is attached to you, you will have a girl. My sister says I'm having a girl because my nephew is always over me, but then again he was that way before pregnancy.
    Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
    Lysana replied to candy352's response:
    All I've heard is that baby girls don't want anything to do with you if you're having a girl - if a baby girl cries when you hold her, you must be having a girl.

    I haven't had the chance to test this, because DD#1 was no longer a baby when I was pg with DD#2, and both DS and DD#2 are all over me these days. So if this is a girl (which ultrasound says probably not), then it doesn't hold for us. And DS isn't a baby anymore, so I can't test it if it's a boy. LOL!
    Kelly (32) ~ Craig (36) ~ Eliana (4.5) ~ Joshua (3) ~ Bekah (13 mo) ~ Samuel John EDD 2/24/2012 ~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011) ~ ^i^ (Jan 2006)
    htma4494 replied to candy352's response:
    Thats too funny, my 3 yr old nepwhew was
    so attached to me and now that I'm pregnant, he does not even want to hug me, and I;m having a boy so I agree with this one...(But my nephew does;nt want me to hug him or anything but he calls me and asks me all the time "when is my cousin coming?", he is so ready to boss his little cousin around..LOL
    Me: 24, DF: 27, EDD: 11/9/10 (1st Child) Team Blue!!!
    X0X0, Cia
    marsharileylamont responded:
    my son is super glued to my butt......its annoying sometimes

    i know its a girl, cuz he said that he wants a sister...DESPERATELY
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    It's a myth in the sense that there's no scientific evidence behind it. But that doesn't mean you aren't having a girl. The great thing about predicting the gender of a baby is that you're always going to be right 50 percent of the time!
    Me (35), DH (35), DD (3), and our new addition due January 9, 2012!
    ktaylor11 responded:
    My 1 year old neice never had a whole lot to do with me until I got pregnant and then she absolutely loved me. My sister would say "you must be having a boy". I found out that I am having a boy!
    krukes21 responded:
    I sure hope this is true!! I have 3 boys and with my last boy, my other two were rotten to me the whole time!! And they are usually Mamma's boys!! Now with this one (I'm 13 wks) they won't leave me alone!!! I can't even pee alone!! ha ha
    jasminejessica1219 responded:
    have a one year old son and im 4 months pregnant now, and it wasnt until i was about 2 months when my son started not wanting to be with me anymore and a couple weeks ago i found out im having another boy. i thought it went like boys like boys and boys didnt like girls. vice versa... with my first pregnancy i held my friends baby girl and she cried with me and my friend said i was having a boy and at 5 months it was a boy ,

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