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Heart Rate Survey
bbcntpa posted:
I know several posters have previously shown an interest in tracking their baby's heart rate throughout the pregnancy and possibly using that to help determine gender. I personally think heart rate is a very good indicator of gender but only sometime AFTER 20 weeks (when most people already know the gender via u/s). Anyway, I thought it might be fun to use this post to track our babies' heartrates and then see how accurate that method is in the end. I'll start by posting the weeks and heart rates for my DS and then the heart rates to date for my current little one. Anyone else that wants to join in, feel free!!

6w 4d 142 bpm
12w 4d 155 bpm
16w 4d 164 bpm
19w 4d 151 bpm
23w 4d 130-140 bpm
28w 135-145 bpm
31w 136-146 bpm
34w 136-146 bpm
38w 5d born

Current LO:
8w 4d 179 bpm
11w 4d 155 bpm
15w 4d 160 bpm
Brook (34), DH (38), DS (3.5), EDD 5/3/12 (but will have a c-section end of April), Green Team
hgreenwood7058 responded:
10w2d- about 160bpm
14w2-doctor said about 170bpm
(and with home doppler its between 150-166 every time)

And we are having a BOY.
Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Green team. Hope this LO will stick
hevans0516 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
On 11/23 when we had the ultra sound our little girl was at 152 bpm before it has been 150 bpm each time.
ME (29) DH (30) EDD 4/17/2012 We find out which team on 11/23/11!!
KBratt responded:
Ok, I don't know the exact dates or numbers but with DD the rate was higher like in the 160's & with DS this time they have always been in the 140's
Me 23; DH 23; DD1 15mo; EDD2 3/6/12 BLUE TEAM-Riley Wayne
MrsHoro responded:
I only have one rate right now.

16w 3d 152bpm

I don't know yet what we're having.
Furbaby Roxxy(5) and Abby(2) Due 5/15/2012 with GD.
TyneIrish responded:
I really haven't kept track because my dr never tells me. She just says it's a very healthy heart rate. She idid ask if we were having a girl though because it was higher (we're having a boy). So my guess is it's above 160. I'll check back in when I have my next dr visit.
SchmidtFamily2011 responded:
16w- 150bpm
19w - 144bpm (at the Ultrasound) and then the dr's appt (which was literally 20 minutes after the U/S) 166bpm
22w1d- 160bpm

And it's a BOY...
BabyDems responded:
10W - 160
14W - 166
18W - Coming Soon (12/26/11)
20W U/S - 1/10/12
Me(31) DH(32) DD (14 mo.) EDD:5/28/12
mandynmickey414 responded:
6w5d 140 u/s
12w4d 156 u/s
15w 152 u/s today
from what we saw and the tech were having a boy also they said its still not yet 100 percent that they will give me that when i go for another ultrasound in 2 wks u may wonder y so many ultrasounds i have history of incompitant cervix so every 2 to 3 wks i have to have ultrasound from this point on
MrsHoro replied to MrsHoro's response:
17w 4d 150bpm (emergency u/s, everything is good)

Got to peek at the baby's goods, but not 100% until u/s in 10 days.
Furbaby Roxxy(5) and Abby(2) Due 5/15/2012 with GD.
bbcntpa responded:
19w 4d 149 bpm (It's a GIRL!)

Looks like my babies' heart rate trends were very similar so far....but one was a boy and one a girl.
Brook (34), DH (38), DS (3.5), EDD 5/3/12 (but will have a c-section end of April), Pink Team!
MrsHoro replied to MrsHoro's response:
19w 157bpm at anatomy ultrasound.

We're are so pleased to be having a boy.
Furbaby Roxxy(5) and Abby(2) Due 5/15/2012 with GD.
BabyDems replied to BabyDems's response:
10W - 160
14W - 166
18W - 160-165
20W U/S - 1/11/12

I have a feeling its a boy, but If I were to guess by bpm, I would guess girl.....can't wait to find out!!
Me(31) DH(32) DD (14 mo.) EDD:5/28/12

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