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    im kind of worried
    mamm_mia46 posted:
    is it normal at 19 weeks for my breast to be leaking clear stuff? and how to not get leg cramps at night while im sleeping?
    KBratt responded:
    Yes on the colostrum leaking!

    & talk to your dr about switching prenatal to one that contains more potassium & calcium or ask if you can add additional calcium/potassium supplements on top of your prenatal that you take now.
    Me 23; DH 23; DD1 15mo; EDD2 3/6/12 BLUE TEAM-Riley Wayne
    bbcntpa responded:
    Nothing abnormal, I don't think. The breasts do such weird things during pregnancy and right after, I wouldn't be too concerned about the leakage. If it bothers you, mention it to your doctor next time.....but I think it's nothing to be worried about....just colostrum. As for the leg cramps, charlie horses are just another one of those things that some pregnant women get to experience more of. Maybe try eating a banana (for the potassium) before you go to bed and also make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I'm not sure if sleeping in a different position would help or not. A lot of times I have to sleep propped up in bed because it starts hurting my hip to lay on one side for too long and it also causes the arm that's on the top side of my body to go numb.....all that weight on different pressure points and nerves. Ahh...the joys of pregnancy!!
    Brook (34), DH (38), DS (3.5), EDD 5/3/12 (but will have a c-section end of April), Green Team
    brokenlove responded:
    Its very normal that is colostrum, which will be your babys first milk, before the actual milk comes in, it has all the good stuff the baby will need. I am only 16wks and have been leaking it for almost a week already, And i agree with asking your dr about more calcium and potassium intake to help with the leg cramps. If the leakage is bothering you, the best thing is get nursing pad and put in your bras, and it will help.
    Me (23) DS (3) EDD 5/11/12 Green team, hoping for blue but thinking its gonna be pink from what my DS keeps saying.
    TyneIrish responded:
    I have been having my breasts leak too. My boyfriend finds it kind of weird and is affraid to touch them because he thinks it will squirt onto him. lol But I am sure it's normal. I have been getting regular foot cramps out of the blue. I haven't heard anything as to what helps, but the other ladies seem to have the right idea. I do know if you lay on your sides having a pillow between your legs can help.
    Lysana responded:
    Regarding the leg cramps, I've found that drinking water helps. I keep a bottle at my much of a pain as it is to wake 3 or 4 times to go pee, it's better than waking 3 or 4 times because of leg cramps (and then STILL having to go pee!)

    I have fewer cramps on the nights when I've had more water during the day.
    Kelly (32) ~ Craig (36) ~ Eliana (4.5) ~ Joshua (3) ~ Bekah (1) ~ Samuel John EDD 2/24/2012 ~ ^i^ Pumpkin (Mar 2011) ~ ^i^ (Jan 2006)
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Very normal. As the other ladies said, your breasts are leaking colostrum. As for the leg cramps, eating bananas and more dairy should help. I also take a magnesium supplement (okay'd by my doctor, so talk to yours first) and that has been what has finally ended the charlie horses for me. I couldn't eat enough bananas or drink enough milk and water to control them. I also do stretches every night before bed to help my calf muscles stretch out. I lay down and point my toes toward my body and hold for a few seconds, then repeat about 10-15 times. Good luck!
    Jodi (28), DH (24), DD (2), new LO due 5-16-12

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