Mom2be12 posted:
Hi ladies,

I'm new to the group and soon to be a first mom as well. I'm in my second trimester actually I'm 14 weeks and 5 days. Lately I have been feeling alot of pressure in my uterus and I'm unsure what it is. It doesn't hurt it just feels like something weighting my uterus down. Have any of you ladies been feeling this way?

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hevans0516 responded:
My 1st too! I had some discomfort but my midwife said it was just my uterus growing to allow room for baby. Mine felt like it was being pulled towards my back. She also said as long as I don't have any bleeding there is nothing to be concerned about. I would call your doctor just to see if they can recommend something to help.
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mrshoro responded:
I get a hard or full feeling. I'm 16w3d and have been feeling it for weeks. I get once or twice a day. My current OB said it normal, unless it contracts like that more then 4 times in an hour. I find it comforting knowing the my uterus in still full of baby goodness.
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TyneIrish responded:
I feel this all the time. It's very normal. It's just your uterus getting bigger. Unless you are bleeding you have nothing to worry about. The presure can seem to get worse as your baby gets bigger. I'm 24 w and 3ds now and I have presure almost constantly. As long as your abdomen doesn't get rock hard and there is no pain then you are ok.