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    Boo hoo! :(
    Jackie03291 posted:
    So I stopped at my local gas station this morning where I frequently stop and there is a cashier there who is always friendly and talk to me about my pregnancy. Well this morning she says "Let me guess, you can't have more than 8 weeks to go?!" Ugh I wish! LOL When I told her no, I have more like 13 weeks she gave me this look like WOW! I have totally popped out and I feel huge, so yes, thank you for reminding me of that this morning! LOL

    Anyone else feel huge this early yet?
    Jackie (27) DH (36) Ava (10/14/08) Baby Girl 2 Due 5/4/12
    EEE4565 responded:
    awww well at least she sounds friendly. I wouldnt worry about it. I was getting dirty looks in line to use the bathroom at a concert of a local band over the weekend. WI is smoke free and we were sitting way in back away from all the speakers. Youd think I was holding a beer or something. I wasnt asking to skip line or nothing.
    Mom to be of Sean Ryan due 5/13/2012
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Aww, I'm sorry. My Grandma just loves to tell me how huge I am and I got to hear all about it last night. I try to just let it roll off my back because she's an evil b*tch.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), DD (2), new LO (pink team again!) due 5-16-12
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    YES! lol. I am lurking from 3rd tri now (yay for 29 w1d). But yes I have been told that too and this is my first preg to go this far. When I was about 27 weeks along or so one of my coworkers who I don't see often asked me if I was having a litter since I still had so long to go. Umm no I am not having a litter lol. Or I get the, should be anytime now right. And I am like I wish, I still have ... weeks left. Or the are you sure there isn't more than one in there. I am carrying all out front. All the weight I have gained has gone a little into my chest and the rest in my belly (all 20.5lb of it and I am only 4'11 and prepreg I weighed between 112-114) so I am round what can I say. And I have gotten really good at waddling! lol.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Team Blue!. Hope this LO will stick
    brokenlove responded:
    With my first i didn't show at all and actually looked thinner at 9months with my son i could have hid that first pregnancy and just popped out a baby and no one would have know i was pregnant. With this one i've gotten big, and i get the just a few weeks to go, or the one i love just because i know he's joking and not doing it to be mean, is from her dad, so when are you going to teach me how to swallow a watermelon whole. My mom occasionally tells me my tummy has gotten big. May just seems so far away. I've got 14weeks and a few days to go, I'm hoping she decides to come the last week of april just because she is still measuring1.5- 2 weeks big.
    Me (23) DS (3) DD(Leilani Lexi)EDD 5/11/12 Pink Team
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    I'm jealous! I'm down 8 lbs since I got pregnant and I'm at 16 weeks. I can't wait to start showing. I'm afraid that my twins are gonna be too small.
    nicram8683 responded:
    I am 19w2d and over the last few days my belly is starting to round out. Prior to that, I just looked fat lol. I am a little larger to begin with and I could tell that people were probably thinking "hmm is she fat or pregnant" lol. But now, my belly is making its way out there. I am sure over the next few weeks it will go crazy. With my DD, I was all belly. And she was head down the whole time so my belly was loooong instead of round. I am hoping for a round "you swallowed a basketball" look this time
    Nicole(28)Mike(30) 7yr old DD
    Diagnosed MFIF June 2011 after 27 months no BC(12 months active trying)
    BFP: 8/2011 M/C @ 6 weeks 9/2011
    BFP: 10/2011 EDD 06/25/2012
    BekahS replied to nicram8683's response:
    I am 19wks tomorrow and I still look like I ate too many donuts. I have a bit of a belly but not a "pregnant" belly. I'm only up 6-7lbs but my ass is getting bigger than my belly! Haha. With DD I hid it rather well. Some people couldn't even tell (I wear scrubs at work). I cannot wait until I actually look pregnant. I'm sure that this time around I'll have no problem with that!
    ourbaby81612 replied to BekahS's response:
    scrubs are awesome. I wear them a lot too at work and it is always amazing to me when I see my coworkers who are pregnant in street clothes as I'm so surprised at their round tummies that are hid so well in scrubs. I've been digging out my maternity clothes, washing and ironing and getting them ready and was thinking that I didn't have very much then I realized with my last pregnancy I wore scrubs most of the time and thus didn't need a lot of trendy and fun maternity clothes. Guess I'll be doing some shopping in teh next few months.
    mrshoro responded:
    I have bump envy. I'm 25w3d and just look fatter. I feel like I have a bowling ball in my abs, but nothing that looks like a baby. I look 20lbs heavier only gained 10lbs, but my soft squishy belly is now hard. Hoping for a bump at 7 months.
    Furbaby Roxxy(5) and Abby(2) Due 5/15/2012 with GD.
    FrenchBulldogMom replied to mrshoro's response:
    LOL bump envy!!! That's too funny.
    Cowgirls19 responded:
    UGH I feel like I'm bigger now than I was at this time in my first pregnancy. It's insane!!! I'm only half way through---I'm scared of how big I'll be in June!!!
    angelsmythers responded:
    Oh yes! I am def feeling HUGE! I am so sick of everyone at work telling me "wow, your getting bigger by the second" lol I al really trying to stay away from the 50 pound weight gain that I did with DS, but its not looking good.
    Me-22 DF-22 DS Connor-2 (5/19/09) Little SISTER Callie Lynn is due May 25th :) Connor just may get a sissy for his birthday :)
    cshyronia responded:
    Lurcking from 3rd. 30 weeks tomorrow. and every body keep telling me how they dont think i am going to make it to april. i know i am bigger this time becasue my stretch marks have grown. And my dd who is 4 watches team umi zoomi. she said mommy has a big o big o belly screen. LOL
    Me 32 df 34 ds 15yrs dd 3yrs ds 11 months EDD 4/15/12 Pink Team!!!
    BabyDems replied to Cowgirls19's response:
    I have heard that it is really normal to be bigger with your second....unfortuantly for me i was huge with my first so I too am scared of what I am goiong to look like come 36-40 weeks....
    Me(31) DH(32) DD (14 mo.) EDD:5/28/12

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