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OB Appointment BLISS!!!!
hoping101 posted:
Went to my appointment today and couldn't be happier!!! I am 14w1d!

- The appointment was to check out my cervix and to make sure I wasn't displaying any signs of preterm labor. He originally thought my cervix was only 3cm but today the U/S revealed 4.2cm!!! I am so relieved!

- Baby was very active today and decided to reveal........... baby is a BOY! He had a great heartbeat and gave us some great photos to show his big brother! The doctor even did a 3D image which I didn't expect... little alien like LOL but so amazing!

- The doctor gave me orders for my Quad Screening... not sure if I want to get them. He said they are optional... so I am debating!

- I have also gained a pound!!! I was down 6lbs with morning sickness from hell! Looks like I am on the road to success!

- I go back in 4 weeks for my next appt and the "big" ultrasound!

Hope everyone has a great week, I know I will!
DH(28), Me(26), DS(1), Baby 2 EDD Sept 2, 2012
mwhite80 responded:
Yay all around. That is great the baby decided to show off his stuff. So is 4.2 cm normal now for your cervix. Well congrats and enjoy the rest of your week.
Madeline(31)DH(31)-DS Paul(4), Angel baby mc @ 6weeks 8/2008, DD Isabella(1) New Baby HPT 1/07/12 EDD 08/25/2012
hoping101 replied to mwhite80's response:
Thanks! Below is what I found on cervical length. So YES!!! Mine is in the normal range. I believe with my son I had around the same length. I was so relieved that it wasn't 3cm like he originally thought. Not that it would've been a bad thing... but the longer the better and now I don't have to worry about that!!!
The length of the cervix is expected to shorten as a pregnancy progresses, but a length of 3.0 cm to 3.5 cm isn't expected until 32 to 36 weeks:
  • At 16 to 20 weeks, normal cervical length is 4.0 to 4.5 cm
  • At 24 to 28 weeks, normal cervical length is 3.5 to 4.0 cm
  • At 32 to 36 weeks, normal cervical length is 3.0 to 3.5 cm
When will your little one be showing "baby parts"? It was so awesome! I love knowing early as I feel like I can plan better. We haven't even began looking into names... mostly because I didn't want to look through both sections LOL!
DH(28), Me(26), DS(1), Baby 2 EDD Sept 2, 2012
FrenchBulldogMom replied to hoping101's response:
You're so lucky that your baby was positioned so that you could see that he's a boy!!! My cervix was 4.5 cm at 19 weeks. I go back to the doctor this Thursday at 21w 2d and I hope that it's still in the normal range.

I'm glad that you'll be able to have your big ultrasound at 18 weeks. I went in 2 weeks ago and my babies were still too tiny for us to do the "anatomy scan". They did see their hearts a little, though. Everything looks great.

Have you been having any nausea?
sarahann1978 responded:
That is so awesome, congrats!
Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
hoping101 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
Nausea is a thing of the past... with my ZOFRAN! LOL!
DH(28), Me(26), DS(1), Baby Boy 2 EDD Sept 2, 2012!
mwhite80 replied to hoping101's response:
I think I wont be finding out until around 20 weeks. I will be seeing a high risk ob but i was told with this first appointment i will not have an ultrasound at this first appointment but will during subsequent appointments if needed. I'm kind of bummed but what can you do.
Madeline(31)DH(31)-DS Paul(4), Angel baby mc @ 6weeks 8/2008, DD Isabella(1) New Baby HPT 1/07/12 EDD 08/25/2012
mommyin2011 responded:
very good appt!!!! I had an u/s at 14 wks, and the baby looked to be a boy...had another u/s at 16 wks, and its for sure a little girl!!! just wanted to mention that. but your big u/s will tell you for sure
Me (29) DH (27) 3 fur babies - DS born 7/31/11 - 2nd baby due 7/20/12!! 11 days before DS 1st birthday! :)
hoping101 replied to mommyin2011's response:
I will keep that in mind however I am pretty confident this was accurate. My 1st and this baby did exactly the same thing... it looked like the baby was sitting on the wand through my belly with his "boy part" clearly in view! The doctor said... "oh there's his 3rd leg" My husband busted out laughing! I got a regular image and a 4D image to confirm LOL!

Which I would like to correct from my original post..... the doctor did a 4D not a 3D. Awesome!!!
DH(28), Me(26), DS(1), Baby Boy 2 EDD Sept 2, 2012!

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