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A turning point at the doctors office.
ANRimah posted:
Hi everyone, I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and 31 years old. I went in 2 wks ago for a regular pregnancy checkup and I was planning on going baby shopping after that, when my doctor told me that during the 18 wk us that I had, they found a cyst on the babies heart!! I didnt hear anything after that. I asked her to repeat herself twice! As scary as that sounds the doctor confirmed that EVERYTHING else with the baby is fine and normal, and said that the cyst will disappear by 28 wks. My next step is to have another us at around 28 wks. I hate the wait and keep trying to calm myself with the positive comments the doctor said. Is this a familiar story to anyone?
mommyin2011 responded:
with my first preg. I had a cyst growing inside the placenta. It wasn't on my baby, but it was there with him. It never got any bigger then what it was when we first saw it.

I know its nothing like what you are talking about. But I do wish you all the best on your next u/s!!!
Me (29) DH (27) 3 fur babies - DS born 7/31/11 - 2nd baby due 7/20/12!! 11 days before DS 1st birthday! :)
RobynMia responded:
I know the heart stopping news, I've had a plethora of complications during this pregnancy. I've given up on stressing myself out. One example- I spent 2 months in a high risk area for miscarriage and all I could do was wait for the next ultrasound. In your case, stressing about it won't make the cyst go away!

Your doctor will be straight with you, so heed her advice and focus your attention on something you can control. You deserve it!

Though it is 'abnormal' it doesn't mean that your baby will have a significant medical problem, if any. I'm not disregarding the chance of a possibility, which is the reason your doctor informed you of this however, there are various forms of very harmless cysts. In many cases, cyst are common on a fetus's heart are typically of no clinical significance. These spots often occur as the baby develops and then go away. You have a good chance of having a very healthy baby!

I am sorry that you have to go through this but do your best to control what you can. Our technology has gotten advanced enough to freak any of us moms out at one point of our pregnancy! Do your best to only freak out about a concrete diagnoses!

Good luck. Prayers to you, my dear!
An_244145 responded:
I forgot to can always get a second opinion. And, below are two articles on it.

And, this may ease your pain:
ANRimah responded:
Thank you ladies for the reassurance, advice and articles it was very calming and helpful. I haven't been able to talk to my mother about it because I don't want her to be worried, so it was wreally nice finally speaking about it and reading your thought s on the topic.
My best wishes are with all the moms out there who are dealing with different issues.
Thank you again.
Jantazin responded:
Hi ANRimah! I am 14 weeks now! My last USG report(done 2 weeks ago) says i have a 64mm cyst on the right adnexal region next to the placenta. I visited my doc and she said in my next USG the cyst might be disappeared. She gave me multivitamins, calcium, iron supple etc. She also suggested that i take a test(blood test) if i am really anxious and intent to know the nature of the cyst(whether benign or serious type). I am waiting still and keeping my fingers crossed what to do! My friends and family members consoled and said not to worry and advised to take the multivitamins and nutrients properly. Yours is in the babies heart about which i hv no idea! when would u take ur next USG? I hope everythig will be fine with u. Keep me posted!

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