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Take a peek inside the womb to see how your baby develops from week to week.

Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). Yay!
Monday Updates (5-28)
korin81 posted:
Sorry a little late!

Korin and Pink Team, Khloe Madison!


Weight gain: 11 pounds

Symptoms/Conditions: A little ECP and back pain here and there.

Other: Lots and Lots of cleaning this weekend which I am sure is why I have the ECP and back pain. Had a kidney stone last week, but it was not too bad and I passed it by Thursday.

Next appointment: Big u/s and OB appt June 7th!
Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
beckyatmoms responded:
Becky and twins pink team (Reagan & Emma)

27w 5d .... My last update here.

Wg: 29 lbs

Sc: generally uncomfortable. I've been having some pressure down below, not horrible though. If I walk or am on my feet too much my back and hips start hurting pretty bad.

Other: the twins nursery is done! We are ready for our little beams whenever they decide to make their appearance.

Na: June 5th high risk and growth scan
nikndan13 responded:
Nikki and green team baby ( 6 days til we find out ! )

17wk 6 days

Weight gain : 5 ish lbs last I knew

Symptoms/conditions : horrible hip pain at night ! Some back pain here and there .

Other: feeling this LO move all the time now from the inside - nothing from the outside quite yet ! Did lots of cleaning and hanging out with the family this past weekend . Excited for our anatomy scan next week - hope this baby shows us the goods lol and it's also our anniversary so we are going to dinner & a movie Saturday ! Yay ! ( can you tell we don't get out much lol )

Next appt : 6/1 bld work 6/4 anatomy scan yay !!
Nikki (29) DH (32) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) EDD 10/28 scheduled c-section 10/23 Yellow team : ) Love my girls !
korin81 replied to beckyatmoms's response:
Congrats on moving up Becky! Your on the home stretch now
Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
korin81 replied to nikndan13's response:
Nikki, I hear ya on the going out thing. DH and I hardly ever go out for a date night! Happy Annv. and hope you have a great time
Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
hoping101 responded:
Melinda and Baby Boy Gavin


Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Symptoms/ Conditions: Hip pain, ECP, minor swelling, and itchy!!!

Other: Slowly starting to get the nursery together. Really haven't purchased anything- want to have my shower first which is quickly approaching!!!

Next Appointment: June 4th
DH(28), Me(26), DS(1), Baby Boy 2 EDD Sept 2, 2012!
melb1121 replied to hoping101's response:
Melenie and baby berkey


weight gain: 5lbs

symptoms/conditions: a little constipation and starting to get hip pain at night.

other: had genetic ultrasound today....had a small hemmorage but it has healed yayy!!...everything else looked good...glad to be in the 2nd tri!

next appointment: june 26th
ChristinaTT responded:
at Nikki - Happy Anniversary! Ours is later in June (23rd) but we celebrated this weekend since DH will be moving down to WY soon.

Christina and Yellow Team Baby!


W/G: Still going with 0 until I find out otherwise

S/C: Some hip pain but better, ironically when my hips feel better I notice the ECP... and feeling baby move which I love! Oh, and baby's been hungry lately! (so much for the 0 weight gain!)

Other: Cleaning out closets and trying to organize in preparation for packing for our move, I feel like I should be doing more but we're not moving out until the end of June and I have to LIVE until then, right? ugh.

N/A: U/S June 4th, OB appt June 7th
nikndan13 replied to korin81's response:
Aww thanks : ). Just hoping for a great dinner and an early movie (cause I would totally fall asleep if we stay out past 9 lol )
Nikki (29) DH (32) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) EDD 10/28 scheduled c-section 10/23 Green team : ) Love my girls !
nikndan13 replied to ChristinaTT's response:
Thank you and Happy Early anniversary to you too : ) good luck with the packing - gosh I hate packing lol and unpacking for that matter - 7 mths later and I still have things that seem to be missing lol
Nikki (29) DH (32) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) EDD 10/28 scheduled c-section 10/23 Green team : ) Love my girls !
Shakanson responded:
Sasha and Pink Team (just found out this morning!)

Weight gain: 4 pounds

Symptoms/Conditions: A little back pain, some numbness in my left foot and hand

Other: I'm definitely feeling movement now, which is really cool. I had my anatomy scan this morning and everything looked good from what the tech could tell, and we are most definitely having a girl.

Next appointment: Regular OB June 19
Sasha (22), DH (21), EDD 10/25/2012
Zaysmama responded:
Sorry i'm a little late posting this week!

Heathir & Blue Team, Zakiyah Logan

25w 3d

W/G: 13 lbs, had a major jump from the last ob appt!

S/C: Pressure down there and alot of trouble sleeping! Dizzy spells and horrible migraines

Other: Little man is moving alot in there and seems to enjoy being awake when I am trying to sleep! He's getting bigger now so I'm getting uncomfortable and have dizzy spells! The migraines are getting worse, but I'm almost done the 2nd tri so I'm counting down!

Next appt: 6/17 reg ob, then we start being seen every 2 weeks instead of every 4!
Me(22), DS(3), Blue Team Baby EDD 9/10/2012
mommyreilly responded:
Sorry I'm late as well, so hard during the week!

Lorraine-green team!

14w 1d

Weight gain: 7 lbs

Symptoms/Conditions: Peeing like a racehorse! And since I had gestational diabetes with my DD Dr wants me to test 4 times a day even though I passed the glucose test last month.

Other: it's going to be a crazy week at work and home! We are leaving for the river for a week next friday so I have packing, shopping and cleaning to do in the trailer. I have a final on Monday to study for and I need to clean the whole house! Needless to say the cleaning may not get done lol!

Next appointment: Big U/S on June 22nd, it'll be our 5th year anniversary gift since it's the 23rd! Next reg OB appt is the 28th.
Me(29) DH(31) DD(3) Turkey 2 due Nov 30th. Live, Laugh, Love

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