I really dislike this part of pregnancy...
mama_to_bunches posted:
where your symptoms ease up, you're not really showing but you're just looking fat, and you can't feel the babies yet. It's frustrating. At least when you get to the point where their moving you know all is well. I'm so ready for a little movement but know I still could have another 2-4 weeks still before I feel anything real. I've seen their little hearts beating in there three times now so I know you're chances of anything bad go way down. I'm just ready to move on a bit. Time seemed like it was just flying but now I feel like I'm in a standstill waiting on my next appointment. I will feel better after my appointment on the 15th when I'll hear them on doppler. I'm tempted to order a doppler online for myself but I keep thinking my appointment is less than 2 weeks away!!! I've been like this with every pregnancy so it's nothing new.
nikndan13 responded:
I had the same feelings just weeks ago and can relate if it's any help sometimes local hospitals will let you rent a Doppler for a monthly fee it just depends on your hospital ... Also I have heard from others that fetaldoppler.net has some that won't break the bank ; ) personally if you are worrying I'd get one just for sanity sake plus it's really cool to hear them whenever you want and not just once a month : )
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