I saw my peanuts last night
mama_to_bunches posted:
I went for my monthly ob appt last night. He said since I was having twins and at this point it was easier to peek with u/s than trying to use a doppler to see heartbeats. They looked so perfect and cute. We saw both heartbeats. He tapped my stomach to get the one to move a little and poor little thing jumped. We get to go for a regular u/s in three weeks where I'm hoping to find out the gender!!!!

Plus, last night I know I felt one of them popping around a little in there. It's so cool. I always feel better once I see/hear the heartbeats after the 1st tri. It just makes me feel better. It's like it's really sinking in now!! I'm having twins again!!!!!
nikndan13 responded:
That is awesome : ) it def. makes it more real once you see them and more so once you know the gender ( at least for me ) we just found out we are having our first ( and last ) lil boy ! Now I call him by his name and am starting to pick up little things here and there for him : ) I love it once you can feel them moving around - I can't imagine what it must be like to have two in there lol like a lil bouncy house lol glad to hear everything is going good : )
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Taylove11 responded:
Congratulations! It's always a great thing to get to see them and their heartbeats. I hope that everything goes wonderfully and that they cooperate so you can find out their gender. Best wishes!
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HayleesMom2007 responded:
Hey! So awesome that you got to see your little beans last night!! It is always so nice once you know that the little heart (hearts for you) is beating in there. I have been feeling flutters for a couple weeks but I am feeling definite kicks now and it is so nice to have that reassurance that the baby is OK. I have my u/s on Monday and I can't wait!!! I really can't wait to see if there is more than one in there since I have felt so strongly that it may be twins. Either way it will be great.
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