16 Weeks and 1 Day!!
Marla1991 posted:
Went to the doctor yesterday and got to hear my little peanuts heartbeat!! It was a wonderful 145 :> Weight gain about 2 lbs even though i feel like i've gained alot more!!
Next appointment is 07/11/2012

New Symptoms: extreme lower back discomfort and sitting at a desk all day at work definatly doesnt help!!! Starting to be able to keep everything down, when I'm not having extreme acid reflux!! Other than that doing great just tired all the time :> I am now also starting to have to leave my pants unbuttoned when sitting down as I dont think baby likes the pressure!!
mama_to_bunches responded:
Great appointment yesterday! It's so exciting to hear your LO's heartbeat.
Marla1991 replied to mama_to_bunches's response:
yes it was very very exciting, I'm having extreme back and lower abdominal pain today!! and im not too sure why!! hoping for it to go away soon lol as i have a very long work day ahead of me!!
iceechic replied to Marla1991's response:
I have been having very bad back, and hip pain with some mild neck pain, so at my last appt. I told my dr. and she pescribed me physical therapy, saying if it hurts now it will only get worse with the increasing weight gain, so I start that in a couple of weeks i hope it helps. It hurts to walk, sit, stand, or lay...cant wait to get some relief.