diagnosed with vaginal infection
oliviaand posted:
Ack! I know I have posted about itching down there before. But, my doctor said that it is because i didn't stop stratching that I scratched the skin raw and now I have a vaginal infection (actually more of an infection of the vulva), so that is why i have been itching and burning. So, hopefully, the medicine he gave me will help. He also told me not to wear darkc colors, (i bought some black capri exercise pants) only light colors. It is very hot where I live, so the heat doesn't help either. I just have to have a lot of willpower not to make it worse. I have already a bladder infection and kidney infection. I am sorry if I seem like I am complaining about this, but it my first time being pregnant. i know alot of things happen when you are pregnant. I am just happy that nothing has affected the baby so far.

One more question, did any of you develop hemorrhoids? If so, what did you do to treat them? I heard everything from witch hazel to sitz baths help. Unfortunately, my doctor said that these are common in pregnancy so there is no avoiding them.
An_242764 responded:
Bladder infections are horrible. I had one at about 10 weeks. Not much fun.

I haven't had to deal with hemorrhoids yet, but i've heard the same as you. Witch hazel, tucks pads, stiz baths, etc. For my boyfriend sitz baths work the best.
Laur1981 responded:
you can try to alleviate them with tucks pads (i use them and love them) and try to up the fiber intake so you dont become constipated which will aggrevate them more. Also (and I know this sounds gross and TMI) sometimes I have to pop mine back in. it helps with the pain.