beckie_33 posted:
I had my doctors appointment today and everything looks great. Baby has a strong heartbeat and is doing well. And i've lost 5 lbs. Since baby is doing well my doctor isn't concerned. The weight loss is probably from all the time I spend at the pool. Another good thing about having a pool is it has kept the swelling in my legs and ankles down making my doctor very happy. So if you have a pool near by go swimming. It's great for you and baby!

The only negative thing about my doctors appointment is my blood sugars they haven't been where they should be so i've got an increase in the amount of insulin I have to take.

I'm just happy that my little guy is healthy and doing well.
Zaysmama responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri...
Glad everything is going well for you!
The doc said swelling in a summer pregnancy is very hard to avoid but sounds like the pool is working for you! Congrats! I havent had any swelling yet, but if the pool keeps it from coming then the pool is where i'll be when I can! lol...
Me(22), DS(3), Blue Team Baby EDD 9/10/2012
beckie_33 replied to Zaysmama's response:
My doctor told me to go to the pool often because it helps with the swelling. It also helps with back pain and helps you feel weightless so you aren't carrying all that baby weight. If I didn't have a pool i'd be mserable.
Zaysmama replied to beckie_33's response:
Well thats really good news for me because DS loves swimming and it wears him out so after a nice relaxing day in the pool we will both be able to have a great nights sleep as well... Thanks for the tip! H&H 9months!
Me(22), DS(3), Blue Team Baby EDD 9/10/2012