Swollen feet and ankles?
beckie_33 posted:
My doctor told me the best medicine for swollen feet and ankles is a swimming pool. Since the pool opened at my apartment complex I have been going to the pool nearly every day. It's also nice to relax in a cool pool on a very hot day. This heat kills me if I can't stay cool.

It has done wonders for my swollen ankles and aching body. Not to mention a little weight loss. The past few weeks i've fallen a couple of times and going to the pool has helped soothe my sore muscles and joints from the falls and has helped me heal faster by taking the extra weight off my joints. It also helps calm the baby. My little guy moves around like crazy and it rocks him to sleep.

So go and relax in a pool and get some much needed relief from swollen feet and ankles.
iceechic responded:
Well this time around I have not started swelling...yet, hope i dont. But I agree with you in that a pool is the best thing ever to feel good and relaxed. Sorry to hear about your falls... I have had some close calls. Good luck!! and Happy swimming!
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