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Take a peek inside the womb to see how your baby develops from week to week.

Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). Yay!
Monday Updates (7-16)
korin81 posted:
Korin and Pink Team, Khloe Madison!


Weight gain: 19 pounds (3 pounds in a week UGH!)

Symptoms/Conditions: Had a pretty good week other than the cramping. Seem's to happen everyday and I'm not sure if it's my herniated disk bothering me or being pregnant. Other than that just minor rib pain.

Other: DH went back to work today after 2 weeks vacation. I already miss him being home all day with me

Next appointment: July 31st MW.
Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
thebirdisblue87 responded:
Mary and Blue Team, Eian Craig

22w 4d

Weight Gain: 10 pounds

Symptoms/Conditions: My lower back is starting to hurt. Other than that nothing too bad.

Other: People are finally asking if I am expecting. The belly is really rounding now. We also went and registered yesterday...a little overwhelming but fun.

Next Appointment: July 25th
nikndan13 responded:
Nikki & Blue team baby

25weeks 1 day

Weights gain : 23 lbs

Symptoms and conditions : The occasional shooting ECP at times and sore hips ! Other than that feeling pretty good think I walked a total of 5 miles this past week ( over the whole week ; ) Hoping to keep the weight where it should be and feel good .

Other : it's hysterical sometimes how much this LO is doing flips and kicks and who knows what else in there ... Sometimes I look down and there is a foot or elbow or knee or some thing sticking out lol man this lil dude is gonna run outta room quick ; )

Next appt : 7/30 reg OB and GTT
Nikki (29) DH (32) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) EDD 10/28 scheduled c-section 10/23 Blue Team ! Yay ! Excited for my lil future cowboys fan ; )
melb1121 responded:
Melenie and Blue Team, Christopher Michael


w/g: 13lbs

s/c: ECP is really coming on strong specially since LO has his feet stuffed in my cervix. DR said at my appt last week that i have a low-lying placenta so i hope that corrects itself.

other: painting rooms so we can move our DD's into the bigger room and this LO into DD's old room.

Next Appt: August 14th, 1 hour glucose
Melenie(27) DH(27) DD1(3) DD2(2)...BFP 3/25/12....EDD 12/4/12 Blue Team Christopher Michael!!
HayleesMom2007 responded:
Erica and blue team baby...still no name

23 wks

Weight gain: 10 lbs (since my last appointment which was 4 weeks ago, had to push my appointment to next week due to a scheduling conflict with work and I know my weight gain is going to be every bit of at least 5 lbs if not more)

Symptoms/Conditions: ECP and horrible hip pain. It has become really difficult to do the steps at home because of my hips but I still keep trucking on and I continue to walk my mile everyday.

Other: This baby is going to come out a soccer player or acrobat or something for how much he is flipping, kicking, jabbing and moving around these days. He is already making my belly move with his kicks!! I love it though.

Next appointment: July 23rd ob
Erica (29), DH (31), DD (4) and baby No. 2 on the way EDD 11/14/12 blue team!!!
beckie_33 responded:
Beckie and Blue Team

26 weeks

Weight gain: Very little due to going swimming regularly

Symptoms/Conditions: Butt and leg pain and extreme fatigue from camping all last week.

Other: This little guy won't stop moving. He's always doing flips and is kicking my bladder. I had to pee enough without him kicking my bladder now I have to go twice as often.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, Ultrasound next Monday.
ChristinaTT responded:
Christina and Yellow Team Baby!

24w 1d

W/G: 9 lbs

S/C: occasional Braxton-Hicks contrax, little bit of swelling in my feet and ankles, ugh! I've never been this PG in summer before and never had ANY swelling this early! Oh well.

Other: getting ready to head out of town down to Wyoming! Looks like we're leaving next week. Looking forward to being done with this in-between unsettled stuff!

N/A: not set, need to find a new provider.

--Christina (30), DH (30), DD (7), DD (5), DD (2), EDD #4! Nov. 5th!

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