Online jobs.....Please help if you know of one.
pambam05 posted:
I will be quitting my job in September, just because I want to cherish every moment with my baby girl when she gets here. We tried 2 years before getting pregnant and I don't want to miss out on anything when she gets here. With that said I also know it i going to be hard to make it on just what my husband makes.
So I was wondering if any of yall knew of a stay at home job that could be done over the internet??? ANY suggestions would be greatly apreciated. Or if you know of anywhere that is hiring for that type of position...Thanks everyone for your input...
scperdomo7 responded:
Hello and congrats!

Have you talked with your current job about possibly working from home or telecommuting a couple days a week?

You are right, there are several legitimate work from home jobs out there, its just really hard to find them! I would definitely advise on putting away as much in savings as you possibly can before the arrival of your LO.

One website where I found some WFH ideas is called

It is a Christian based personal finance blog, however, there are quite a few articles are legitimate ways to work from home and gives examples of websites you can go to. I am currently in the hiring process for one of the jobs I found on there called Leapforce (they are a vendor for Google and you essentially rate and help make their search engines work more efficiently).

Get online and start doing your research now, don't fall for any "get rich quick" schemes. Anything that wants you to pay is NOT legitimate!

Good luck!
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korin81 responded:
I currently WFH full time. I am a defense contractor for the government in the IT field. You could look around for a computer related job, those are easy to do from home if you have the proper internet connections. Good luck!
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