Cold Sores
phillipsnic posted:
I have never had cold sores. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and have been having terrible cold sores since the beginning of my pregnancy. Is this some how related to the pregnancy? And any suggestions on treatment and preventing future sores?
beckie_33 responded:
I get cold sores all the time. If I let my lips dry out I'm more likely to get a cold sore so be sure to drink plenty of water and use chapstick, preferably with an SPF in it. Too much sun exposure on your lips can cause you to get a cold sore. And be sure not to pick at the sore or you'll spread it. And wash your hands often.

Abreva works really well for getting rid of cold sores, so does Releev (sp?). One thing that works for me is hydrogen peroxide. It stings but it dries out the cold sore and it goes away faster. It's also cheaper than Abreva and Releev.
mendezwife responded:
Just stick with Abreva! It works great & I know! Ive been getting cold sores since I was a lil girl.
Use gloss or chapstick all the time, having an spf does not prevent or treat them. Just keeping your lips moist & not letting them dry out is the key.
Abreva works like nothing else. It treats & kills the infection, nothing else will, it might dry it up, but its not treating.
phillipsnic responded:
Thanks! I'll have to try the Abreva then.