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Severe coughing
mendezwife posted:
Does anyone else have a severe cough while pregnant? I'm 16 wks & I have had this terrible cough for 2 wks now. Its so annoying, I've been taking med, over the counter that my doc said was ok. But its not working at all.
It wakes me up at nite, it comes out so hard & it hurts. Could it be more than a cough? Going to the doc Tues.
Any thoughts?
beckie_33 responded:
I had a bad cough during my 1st trimester and found out I had bronchitis. It also didn't help that I also have asthma and the smog was really bad.

One bad thing about being pregnant is that your immune system isn't 100% and you are more likely to get colds, etc. Just take it easy and stay inside if you live in a city with a lot of smog in the air. It might help you as well if you got a humidifier or air purifier.
mendezwife replied to beckie_33's response:
Ugh thats what Im afraid of! Did you get treatment for it? I work with kids at a day care, so lord knows what I come in contact with. Wanting to quit! Going to soon!
I feel something in my chest, it comes out so hard too!
beckie_33 replied to mendezwife's response:
I had my bronchitis treated with inhalers and a nebulizer along with antibiotics. Most of the time bronchitis is viral so antibiotics might not help. My doctor perscribed the antibiotics just in case.

If it's bronchitis or even pnemonia then you are going to need a lot of rest to get over it. It took a while before my bronchitis went away completely because your immune system isn't working as well as it did before you were pregnant.
mendezwife replied to beckie_33's response:
Thanks, I got some prescribed cough med & congestant pills. Doc said my lungs were clear. So Im off work for a wk & trying to rest. The cough is so annoying & Im just hoping it clears up soon!
beckie_33 replied to mendezwife's response:
I hope it clears up soon too. I hated it when I had bronchitis and couldn't stop coughing. It was so bad that I lost my voice completely for a couple of weeks. I couldn't even whisper.

Just be sure to get losts of rest so your body can heal. I'd also get a humidifier and use that.
mendezwife replied to beckie_33's response:
I got prescribed these tiny lil gold pills & cleared everything up in 4 days! I feel great now! no more coughing up a lung or feeling like Im going to cough my baby out!

Oh its a girl! My 1st after 4 boys! And my last!

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