14 Week Cramping
BeautifullyBlessed posted:
What does round ligament pain feel like?

I'm 14 and a half weeks along and I am cramping about 2in above my pubic bone. It feels like my insides are tearing. It's painful, but not anything that makes me cry. I got stopped in my tracks a few times though. It's been like this for 2 days straight and it hurts when I have to urinate...I'm guessing from the pressure.

I'm going to call the dr tomorrow and make an appt. I want to make sure it's not a urinary tract infection or some other infection.
BeautifullyBlessed responded:
Turns out I have BV

I have to take metronidazole, twice a day for 7 days

Of course I don't like this, but I don't want the BV to go untreated.

If anybody would care to share their experience with this, please do.
MENDEZWARD replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
All i can say is make sure your husband or boyfriend is ok. Because nine times out of ten most vaginal issues like that comes from your partner. But just make sure anyway.
BeautifullyBlessed replied to MENDEZWARD's response:
The metronidazole made me nauseous, so my doctor prescribe Cleocin...

Anybody have experience with this suppository?