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scperdomo7 posted:
I'd like some opinions on this scenerio.

Susie and Barb are friends. Susie had a baby, bought a double electric breast pump and used it for 6 months.

One year later, Barb has a baby and Susie offers the use of her pump. Barb accepts.

Susie gets pregnant again and will need the pump back (though likely not until Barb would be done with it). Barb later informs Susie that the pump broke while in her possession.

Who is responsible for replacing the pump? Or should they share the cost? Please elaborate.
Stephanie (27) Chris (36) DS-Cameron (3) DSS-Brandyn (16)
EDD: 12/7/12 - Purple Team

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BeautifullyBlessed responded:
I don't think Barb is responsible for replacing the pump. If I was to give a friend my pump because I don't need it anymore, I wouldn't give it to her with the intention of getting it back. Once you give something to someone, that's it.

The fact that it broke while she had it has no bearing because once Susie gave Barb the pump, it belonged to Barb. Things happen. Now that Susie is about to have another baby, Barb shouldn't be responsible for getting her a new one or sharing the cost.

Susie should cut her losses and buy herself a new one and not have any hard feelings.
scperdomo7 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
BeautifullBlessed - thanks for the response!

Would your answer change if Susie let Barb borrow the pump - both with the understanding that Susie would get it back when Barb was finished with it?
Stephanie (27) Chris (36) DS-Cameron (3) DSS-Brandyn (16)
EDD: 12/7/12 - Purple Team
BeautifullyBlessed replied to scperdomo7's response:
If there was an understanding between both parties that the pump was to be given back and the pump broke, then Barb would be responsible for buying another one.

I say this because at this point the pump was "borrowed" and not given, so If you borrow something and it breaks in your possession, you're responsible for replacing it.