can someone help me out?
An_247318 posted:
im 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and i have 2 lil girls already. when i was 16 weeks i had an ultrasound and my doc said looks like i asaw a pee pee. then when i went to get another ultrasound yesterday the lady said looks like girls parts now. all through my pregnancy the heart rate has been between 151-157 yesterday the heart rate was 153. both of my girls heart rate were in the 170s and 180s all though my pregnancy. i have a feeling its a boy because i feel diffent than from my girls this pregnancy i have craving all salty and hamburgers. with my girls i wanted nothing but sweets.
Zaysmama responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri
This isn't much help to you but from my experience DS1 has a heart rate that they said was very high for a boy, staying around 165 the whole pregnancy... with this pregnancy I have been told another boy DS2 - the heart rate has stayed low as in 125-140.
My pregnancies have been very different from one another. With the first, I had nausea in the beginning but never actually got sick, with this one I got sick rather often. With the last I had problems passing out because of where the baby was sitting and my blood levels, with this one I had minor dizziness but nothing too bad. Last time I carried very high until delivery and with this LO I dropped around 34 weeks. Also with this one I hve develope some minor acid reflux which I never experienced with the first.
They say this one is another boy and I 2 have had my doubts but I should know for sure in about 3 weeks...
This probably didnt help you much but I want you to know that things can be very different but the gender outcome may be the same...
If you are still doubting the u/s tech findings you could probably request to have another u/s done, however you may have to pay for it out of pocket.. Some other girls on the boards have done that and it doesn't seem too expensive but I guess it depends on where you live and whether you have a reg u/s or a 3/4D u/s done...
Well good luck and lmk what you decide or find out!
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