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    my stupid family... (vent)
    Laur1981 posted:
    GRRR! sometimes I just want to SMACK people! So last week I had a HUGE fight with my mother over something that is a big deal but isnt. See. she has a dog that was purchased 8 years ago for my sister and is in my name. Well, the dog bit my mother and she needed medical treatment. so of COURSE they had to file a complaint with the dept of health. this is when I find out the dog is STILL in my name! then I had to deal with phone calls from health department and deal with my attending school and two little ones.. it got to be a lot. So I snapped at her and told her since the dog was in my name I was coming to get it and put it down. Really I couldnt NEVER do that. I just wanted the thing out of my name! I am responsible for it... not her. DOH doesnt CARE who has the dog.. it is LEGALLY MINE so. Then she got my brother involved who told me I dont worry about my 2 kids as much as I do the dog... so why start worrying about anything now? I ended up going to the town registrar and taking my name off her license. They warned me mom had 10 days to re-register or the dog warden would be out. I told her this but she says I am "starting trouble," in the meantime, my sister, who was throwing me a baby shower since this is our first successful pregnancy in 6 years has cancelled it. I still haven't spoken to my mom and my sister tells me today "its your fault, you shouldnt have gotten so angry." WHAT!? I am SO stressed out over EVERYTHING (because I am in school I cant work but one day a week and we are falling behind on bills... blah blah. DH is working TWO jobs to try to pay the mortgage) and now I have lost friends over this. I made an appointment to talk to an adoption counselor cause it is hitting me that i dont really think i WANT this baby anymore. I tried for so long and now that its a reality I dont want it. I am so screwed up I have no one to turn to. ugh.
    jessi2056 responded:
    I don't know what to say to you except... go to the clomid community and look at all the women on there who can't get pregnant and want a baby so bad..... This is your first successful pregnancy in 6 years and you going to just give the baby away???? What if you can't ever get pregnant again??? over family problems.... well if they want to throw a fit over a DOG then screw them... They will eventually get over it... and it's not bad to throw your own baby shower either! I don't think family problems is worth giving away your baby... but this is only my opinion... I have had 3 miscarriages and it took us 2 years on fertility treatment to get this far! And if my family suddenly turned on me... I would Still be as happy as I am now! I would tell them to get bent!!!!!!
    Laur1981 replied to jessi2056's response:
    no... it isnt so much over the family thing. its over everything. lately, everything seems to be an uphill battle...
    jessi2056 replied to Laur1981's response:
    Well, you do what's best for you and the baby... Just because times are hard now doesn't mean they will be in a year or two... looks like you have a lot to think about in a short amount of time! Good Luck to you.
    cmhaus responded:
    The best advice I ever got was, if we all waited until the perfect time to have a baby, we would never have a baby. Families struggle, some more than others. I would talk to a counselor or someone before you decide to just give your baby up. It's a huge decision and one you may regret. It sounds like you have depression and not "just not wanting this baby anymore". Talk to your OB so that she is aware and can offer you some advice and a referral to a psychologist for depression to even rule it out. My family (especially my grandmother) is not very happy we are having a third child. They say some of the meanest things, but I don't let them bring me down or anything bring me down. This is my baby and my family. There may be bills to pay but my children will come before anything else.

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