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the urge to go all the time
alley881 posted:
i am 23 weeks prego with my second boy. well today since about late this morning i have had the urge to go p alot. i thought it could be because i had a lot to drink but i havent drank anything since like 1230 and it is 5 pm now and i am still having the urge to go. as soon as a am done in the bathroom (sorry tmi) i feel the urge to go again in a few mintues. my husband said it could be from either having cafeine at lunch and/or the baby moved and is now on my bladder. i was wondering if anyone has expericend this before? could he have moved? i dont have any pain or burning and it just started this morning so i dont think anything is wrong. thanks
missmetalovee responded:
feel your pain! although each pregnancy is different, and your body can react differently it could definitely be because of the baby leaning against your bladder or even just jolting it really quick. i usually avoid drinking water at night before i go to bed so i don't constantly wake up to use to the bathroom but it inevitably happens anyway, so it is most likely the babys fault! it also could be that because of your body growing and changing you confuse the pressure of everything pushing down with the urge of having to go, if you find yourself going back in a few minutes and not much is coming out! however, i have found it useful to keep up with drinking the right amount of fluids a day, and it stopping the urge, because your bladder almost like builds up an immune towards the urge, so i would suggest drinking it enough if not more and you might find overtime that the urges decrease!
Laur1981 replied to missmetalovee's response:
when you go to the bathroom, try to lean forward when you are done, then lean back as far as you can, and lift your belly right about the pubic hair line to empty your bladder all the way. seems to help for a bit

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