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Junk Food
An_247799 posted:
Hello all. I am brand new to this. I am 19 1/2 weeks and I have tried very hard to incorporate all the food groups into my daily diet. I havent been successful. I am craving sugar. Little candies. I seem to desire fruity candy in my mouth. I also cant stop eating popsicles, freezies and drinking water with LOTS of ice.
Does anyone have any tips as far as eating healthier?
And does the ice/freezie thing sound familiar to anyone at all?
Just making sure i'm not going insane. My husband finds it entertaining but if my water isnt super cold, then i'm not happy and neither is the little one.
Thanks. i will soak up any advice I can get.
beckie_33 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri.

I have to have my water ice cold. I can't stand it if it's even a little warm.

Try eating fruit instead of the candy. The sugar in fruit is better than the refined sugar you find in candy. Buy some dried fruit to suck on if you have to have something in your mouth to suck on.

I had to curb my cravings because of gestational diabetes. It was difficult at first but after a while it became easier and I don't have some of the cravings I had before.
BeautifullyBlessed responded:
I'm 19 1/2 weeks also and in the beginning I could only drink water at room temperature. Now, I drink water much better freezing cold.

Unfortunately, eating healthy is a challenge for me too, so I have no suggestions in that area.

Funny thing is...I've been meaning to buy some popsicles because it sounds so delicious, but I haven't indulged yet.

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