Pregnancy clothes
An_247799 posted:
I am almost 20 weeks pregnant. Is it just me or is the maternity selection not too great out there? I was on a crazy hunt to find some clothes. When i started gaining weight (and continue to do so) and the beginnings of the double chin emerged, the self esteem has been affected. i am trying very hard (and feel like i'm failing miserably) to still feel sexy and somewhat hip in my attire. I live near Toronto and I went to all the malls in and around the GTA. It all looked so blah to me. My little research shows that driving across to Buffalo has been very successful. The selection seems to be more diverse. And the prices are much better and i have found myself some cute little outfits. Little victories like this are making this pregnancy much easier! Just wanted to share that. If anyone wants to share their tips, please do so!
Laur1981 responded:
I live in Buffalo and cant find squat to wear. where did you end up going?