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Feeling a bit stressed and Dr offers medication...
BeautifullyBlessed posted:
Ok so, work has me very stressed and I've been losing sleep, crying, having bad dreams, harboring feelings of bitterness and just plain upset.

In a nutshell, I'm a victim of office politics. I've been back-up for our team lead during her absence and helping out while she was even at work. The team lead got another job and instead of them coming to me to continue in her absence, they train my co-worker to do what I already know. My co-worker isn't a great worker, she just has a wonderful personality and the hiring manager really likes her.

So, watching everything go through her when it used to go through me is really pissing me off! She even asked me to teach her some things because she doesn't know it all...get real! I try to put it behind me, but I can't ignore it because she sits right next to me, so I'm constantly reminded of the situation.

I tell my Dr. how stressed I am because of work and the first thing she offers me is medication...WTH!!!!! What has the world come to?! I really don't want to be taken out of work right now because I need to save money, but I wanted to know what my options are in case work gets really bad. I don't want the stress to effect my baby. Finding out her taking me out of work because my stress is due to work isn't an option is also upsetting.

Why would medication come before the simple solution of a break from work? They shouldn't be so quick to put everybody on medication...especially pregnant women.

Anybody have any experience with stress during pregnancy and Dr. took them off work?
addesMAMA responded:
I agree, Dr's these days immediately offer medication rather than a shoulder to cry on for a bit. I feel for you and pray that things will get better for you quickly! But you have a right to be upset as well! The only advice I can really offer is to do your best to overcome the decision that was made at work, its not healthy for you or the baby! I worked during my first pregnancy until I was 8 months and then they started to do remodeling and there was toxic fumes that I knew I couldnt be around. The supervisor didnt want to be lienient with me and allow me to work in a different area so I had to resign from the job. I felt it was a decision that needed to be made in order to keep from harming my baby. Anyway, I hope you find some sort of comfort soon!
BeautifullyBlessed replied to addesMAMA's response:
Thanks Erin! I'm feeling a bit better. Joel Osteen's sermons have been a great help.
AmandaDanielleBrown replied to addesMAMA's response:
my work stressed me out badly as well, i ended up on medication........for cramping. because it hurt so badly, my doctor basically just told me, get it filled and take it because it will be on the records if we have to take you out on short term disability. i agree doctors are way to quick to put us on medication. but as for work. i just made myself deal with it and made a personal decision of what was more important paing attention to things that make me mad or ignoring and being there for work and the money. its your own personal decision. but i wouldnt jump to take any medication.

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