Gender Reveal at 16 weeks.
jhetsmom posted:
Hi all, I am Chelsea, I am 16 weeks tomorrow and found out yesterday that we are 90% sure our LO is a boy. The ultrasound made it pretty obvious but because our MW performed the ultrasound she won't confirm it. I only got the ultrasound to help with anxiety since I am still high risk because of a subchorionic hematoma diagnosed at 8 weeks. We are due April 7th and I couldn't be happier since we tried for a year for this lo with an ectopic pregnancy loss in April this year.

Did anyone else find out earlier than 20 weeks with their LO? And if so at 20 weeks was that still accurate or reversed? Im just curious cause I know a few people get the gender at 16 weeks only to have a different outcome at 20 weeks. I couldn't care if it's one or the other I just want a healthy baby. but curiosity gets the best of me.
BeautifullyBlessed responded:

Congratulations on your LO!

I had my US done at 17 weeks and it was CLEARLY a boy!

My mother could tell it was a boy and said so even before the technician.

I don't think the US is that far off at 16-17 weeks, but that's just my opinion.

I'll be getting a 4-D US in about 5 weeks just to see my LO again.