Did I feel her uterus or just a muscle?
An_250087 posted:
I am worried that my ex might be pregnant. She doesn't think she is but I worry about the 1% chance (since there aren't really any signs). If she was, she'd be about 6 months along now. I poked her in the stomach (she's not fat but has a little pooch), right below the belly button and I felt something hard. She won't let me feel her again though to double check. The area above her belly button, felt totally flat.

We're shaped a little differently but I noticed on myself, it was squishy until I put my finger an inch below my belly button and I notice I hit muscle. Like a shelf I'm hoping that's what I felt...
missashley1010 responded:
At 6 months you should notice a bump on the belly, possibly even movment inside I know I do. She hasnt had a period in 6 months? If she hasnt had her period for 6 months maybe she should take a test? That would be the only way you would know for sure. I would think by now she would know she is pregnant or not but then again TLC's "I didnt know I was pregnant" takes me for a spin. Good luck to you.
itcanthurtyou replied to missashley1010's response:
I asked her and she said she's had her normal period this whole time. Again it's the "what if?" sort of thing. I'm just really scared and I can't talk to anyone else so I have to ask questions here.

She showed me her stomach and even though she's a little chubby, there's no sort of bump. She has a very hour glass figure so her fat goes out to her hips and not outwards like mine does.

I just want to know what the heck that lump I felt was? If it was a 6 month uterus, shouldn't I have felt it ABOVE her belly button too? That all felt completely flat. Answer me that and maybe I'll feel a lot better...
missashley1010 replied to itcanthurtyou's response:
I am going to go ahead and say she is not pregnant. My stomach is BIG lol and yes you can feel it over my belly button. If you are that nervous stop at your local store you can even go to the dollar store pick up a test and tell her to do it for your sanity. I am not sure what you felt im on the chubbier side so I dont know how flat tummies feel but you can for sure feel im pregnant and I am about 6 months.