Fundal height is measuring 6 weeks ahead.
MrsBurt05 posted:
I am now 19w6d. At 19w2d I had an appointment and she measured my fundal height at 25 weeks!!! This has NEVER happened to me before. She measured a few times to make sure it wasn't a mistake and, yup. I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead! I had a dating ultrasound at 9w6d and baby was measuring spot on. At 12w3d I had an NT scan, and baby was measuring 3 days ahead, but they said that's normal. If it was by 7 or more days, they'd change the due date. At my 16w appointment, she didn't measure fundal height. She said they normally don't measure fundal height until you're about 18-20 weeks.

She said it could be a number of things. 1-This is my 3rd pregnancy, and a lot of women tend to get bigger sooner after each baby. 2-Baby could have had a growth spurt. Not enough to measure a whole 6 weeks ahead, but it could contribute a little bit. 3-Baby is WAY high. She could feel baby right at the top of my uterus, and that was where LO's HB was.

She wasn't too worried, though. I have the anatomy scan tomorrow, so she marked in my records that I was measuring ahead and to make sure to check that out at the ultrasound too. She didn't seem too worried about it. They won't be changing my due date, even if baby is measuring bigger, because the most accurate dating was done at 9w6d. If baby is really big, I'll just have to be going in frequently for ultrasounds to track baby's growth and just take it ultrasound by ultrasound. We'll see how everything is tomorrow at the ultrasound!

Measuring at 25 weeks explains a lot, though. My belly has shifted dramatically since 17 weeks and this week I noticed I get out of breath easier.

Anyone else gone through this?
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