When did you Starr "feeling" pregnant?
Jhawkchick posted:
Lurking from 1st trimester...Can someone remind me when they started feeling those 1st trimester symptoms? I'm almost 4 weeks since LMP, got a BFP a few days ago w/one of those early tests so I know I'm not very far along at all. Actually, my period would have started yesterday or today. With that said, I seem to remember being extremely exhausted already at this point with DD. I know I should be happy I don't feel terrible already, but the last time I was pregnant and was feeling "pretty good" I ended up having a MC so I'm just trying to be cautiously optimistic. Any insight or thoughts on your own timelines will be greatly appreciated!
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Spartan_Mommy responded:
I wouldn't worry about not feeling pregnant yet, it is still early to have any symptoms. With our second baby, I didn't even begin to guess I was pregnant until about 6 weeks. I didn't have my period, but was under quite a bit of stress at the time so I chalked it up to that.

With this pregnancy, I "knew" I was pregnant about a week for my expected period. I would cry easily, nothing tasted good, and would get an upset stomach whenever I would eat. The further along I got, the more evident the symptoms got.