trust issues and reaching out for support for bringing baby home healthy and safe
CoLifeMBaby posted:
only a year ago i gave birth to a pre-mature girl with hydrops. she went through alot of different things for about a month and i felt it was just torcher, and decided to take her off support and let her go. I am again pregnant and so so so afraid to live through it all over again. I'm hoping that feedback from fellow mom's will help me let go of my worry. and maybe find some good resources and or groups to share my story with others who can relate i need to feel better and find a better way to heal so i can continue a healthier better life for myself and my new baby. HELP!!
An_254251 responded:
Hey girl! So sorry to hear about your little girl. My mom gave me this great number to call with basically any question about the baby while your pregnant or breastfeeding. Its called Mother to Baby and their number is 800-733-4727 they are so nice and helpful you should call them if you have any specific concerns during this pregnancy. Hope this one goes much better for you and stay strong!