showing early
amber0519 posted:
This is my second pregnancy and I began showing pretty early. I have now noticed that the top of my stomach is popping out and I am only 16 weeks along (looks like I am 20 or better) is this normal?
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Yep. Totally normal. I am carrying quite a bit differently this pregnancy. With my son I carried lower. With this little girl I am carrying a lot higher. With second pregnancies you also tend to show earlier. I went from only looking like I ate too many donuts at 14 weeks to very obvious pregnant at 15 weeks this pregnancy.
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scorpiomom30 responded:
with my first I was obviously pregnant at 12 weeks I carried really low and he was a boy. with my second I started showing around the same time but baby was much higher and she was born a girl. Im pregnant again and this time I started showing at 8 weeks and carrying very low. Im 11 weeks now and if you saw me you would swear i was 20 weeks along. LOL. dont know what we are having yet,hoping for a boy.