Sciatica, Leg pain, & sleepless nights...4 months w/2nd child
bcstephens posted:
I am 40 yo & I am suffering this pregnancy. I am currently 4 months & I'm due in Sept. Not sure if my suffering is because of my already bad back, but from the day I found out I was pregnant I have had the worst case of Sciatica & Piriformis syndrome in my entire life. I try to stretch, yoga, pool exercises & even ice, but I have the most problem at night when it comes to sleeping. I cannot lay on my stomach & every 2hours I wake up to pee, but I have so much pain that I it takes 30min to get back to sleep. My lil one seems to be fine but I'm constantly in pain. I am trying to get a acupuncturist to help and I am wary of a chiropractor right now. Anyone else having problems like this & what did you do to obtain relief. Or does anyone have any recommended treatments? Oh, it does not help that I am waiting on a new bed either. Help!!
bmlatiola responded:
I have someone that suggested "Two Old Goats Essential Lotion", just not sure if it is safe to use during pregnancy. I have been researching but have not had any luck yet. I actually just posted to see if anyone had ever heard of this. It is all natural so I think it would be okay just want to make sure before I use it.
katietigerlily responded:
Have you ever tried using an inversion table?