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Zantac 150
lexmo posted:
Hello all!!!! I was wondering if anyone knew if we could take Zantac 150 for heartburn. It's BAD hearburn! And Zantac always worked before. Just wondering!

miss_kris responded:
I just looked at my handout I got from my doctor and it says you can take Zantac along with alot of others.. Maalox, Mylanta, Nexlum, Pepcid, Rlopan, Rolaids, Tagament, Tums, Zantac, Alternagel, Amphogel... Not sure what a few of those are but hope it helps you!!
lexmo responded:
Thank you so much!!!!!! Have a great weekend!
miss_kris responded:
You too and good luck!
BabyMakes_4 responded:
Check with your doctor first. My list says Zantac is fine, but not to use the Zantac with the numbers after it. (Zantac 75, 150, etc.)

I feel for you, my heartburn was never controlled with first pregnancy. My ob at the time told me it is a sure fire way to not gain alot of weight. (he is a butt) But I now have problems with heartburn, where I never had a day of heartburn in my life pre-preg. Its starting again now, and I eat the max Tumms allowed in a day plus Mylanta. I get heartburn from water

My new OB said he will prescribe something if it gets bad for me this time, instead of causing permanent damage.
IslandGirl58 responded:
Zantac is ok with my docs--the numbers after it just indicate the dosage, so the max dosage you can take per day (I believe) is 300mg per day, because I have the 75mg tablets and I am allowed to take 2 of those twice per day as needed. I usually only need one dose, but I know that i can take the second if I want to. I double checked with my OB last week, as I was prescribed it during my 2nd tri last pregnancy, but have been taking it on and off since my 1st tri this time around and he said no problems. They actually use Zantac in the IV cocktail that you would get if you went to the ER with severe morning sickness during 1st tri. Zantac plus an anti nausea med. I think you're good to go.
wicked_mama responded:
Yup it's safe! I take it twice a day and my OB says it's fine.

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