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Profile pic
KoivuMama posted:
Are you ladies having any trouble adjusting the picture for your profile? I haven't had any luck with adjusting my pic to show all of my son's face. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi KoivuMama,

If you are having trouble with cropping your picture exactly where you want:
  1. Move your mouse so that the cursor is over the lit crop box on the picture. The cursor should look like a cross with arrows.
  2. Holding your right mouse button down, move the box to the desired area of the uploaded photo for your profile picture.
If you want to change the size of the profile picture:
  1. Move your cursor to any side or corner of the crop box. The cursor should appear as a line with arrows at either end.
  2. Holding down the right mouse button, drag the box to stretch the picture larger or smaller than the original photo.
If you are having technical problems with the site please let me know. I hope that this helps! :)
Best Wishes! Amelia
Daniczec responded:
I have been having problems with it. I upload the picture but the box wont move around to crop the right spot on the picture. The cropping box is stuck in the upper left hand corner and can't be moved. It's very frustrating...
Dylansmom04 replied to Daniczec's response:
Its keeps doing the same thing to me! It wont let me do ANYTHING with the crop box!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to Daniczec's response:
Hi Daniczec,

I'm sorry this is acting up for you. I just tested it in my account and everything was fine. The crop box is there for you, but just won't move? Are you holding down your right or left mouse button and attempting to drag it? Hope I can help. :)
Best Wishes! Amelia
PreggyMeg responded:
I'm glad i'm not the only one...i was beginning to feel stupid! I'm having the exact same problem! It won't let me crop the pic.
Me (23) DH (29) DS (3) New Addition EDD 3/26/2011 Green Team
StarryGrrl responded:
The same thing happens to me too, which is why I don't have a profile picture. The crop box is stuck in the upper left corner of the picture no matter what I do.
chicagolove responded:
Im so glad im not the only one! Ive tried several times and with several pics and no luck. The crop box will not move from the upper left corner, when i place mouse over the crop box i do noy get a cross with arrows but a line with arrows that will not profrom a function weather i use the right or left mouse button, hope for advice to solve, be nice to post a pic!
topteach replied to chicagolove's response:
Yippee...glad to see it is not only my computer!!! I have had the same problem! No matter what I do, the crop box just doesn't move. I got frustrated and just gave up on a profile pic.
lady_samwise replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
I've had the same problem, which is why my profile pic is what it is...still just the left hand corner of the picture.
momtobegrunden responded:
It's probably your browser. Are all of you using Internet Explorer? I couldn't edit my picture in IE either; the edit box just stayed in the upper left corner and wouldn't move or expand at all. I just downloaded Firefox and could finally edit my picture through that browser. I remember having problems with WebMD profile pictures and IE in the past, too.

Firefox is free to download.
Me(29). DH(40). DSD(15). DSS(9). DS1(22 months). Baby Max EDD 10/4/10!
lady_samwise replied to momtobegrunden's response:
It probably is, I just used google chrome instead and it worked right away.
emilyedoyle responded:
I've had the same issue with my profile pic! Soooo frustrating that this thing won't work!
emilyedoyle responded:
Well I just figured out a way around this profile thing... I used my image editing program to shrink down my image to about the size of the cropping box on the profile pic editor, and then uploaded it... still not perfect but it works.

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