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parents experiencing babies with defects
CadCol11 posted:
Hello- I just want to join this to tell you my story about my 2nd child which was a boy his name is Colin. When I was pregnant with him I looked up tons of support groups but never found anyone who was going through anything that I was. My son Colin was born at 33 weeks gestation. He was also born with an Occital encephalocele that was about half the size of his head, Which is where the skull didnt completely close and causeed a large mass on his head where part of his brain came into the mass. He had 2 heart defects and cleft lip and pallet although the cleft lip and pallet closed in the womb before he was born my husband and I were told to abort him at around 20 weeks they said he would never survive the pregnancy and if he did survive he would require many surgeries that he may not survive them., and he would more than likely not be able to move and be mentally retarded... well needless to say our little Colin is now 5 months old he moves great he has had about 5 surgeries one of them being a ventricular brain shun that he will require to have his whole live because of his ventricals in the brain not being able to drain correctly. our son is doing fantastic because of our faith I believe. But I wanted to let people know if your going through anything like this and need support or just someone to talk to I would be more than happy to talk!! my email also is
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ktaylor11 responded:
CadCol11 thanks for sharing your story. It is definitely because of your faith! Keep believing and loving your child in spite of. The doctors don't have the final say so...GOD does! Thank God you did not give up on your child when the medical professionals suggested you do.
htma4494 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri: Hello, what a wonderful story, this type of story will be able to give many mothers hope that have heard that their children may not survive..I;m so happy God worked everything out for your family and your little one is doing great! May God continue to Bless You and Your Family!
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X0X0, Cia
Lysana responded:
Thank you for sharing your amazing story!
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