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More of a question, i guess, about abdominal twitching/gurgling
crameika posted:
Hi everyone, I'll be 18 weeks on tuesday with my first child and I have a couple of questions... a few times I have had what feels like a relatively strong twitch in my upper abdominal muscles, several inches (or so) above my belly button. It feels just like one of those twitches you sometimes get in your arm or leg when you're falling asleep. When it happens, its just the one twitch, it doesnt last longer than a second. Also, I've been feeling gurgling type movements in the same upper abdominal area, it feels like gas but I dont have to expel anything and it doesnt hurt. Its just kind of weird. My friend who is 27 weeks pregnant says its just my organs moving around and making room. Does that sound about right for 17/18 weeks?
One more thing, a few times I have felt a sharp pain on the inside of my lower right ribcage, it feels like a prick with a needle or something just inside the bone. It isnt excruciating or anything, just kind of annoying. Are any or all of these symptoms normal, and are they just things moving around and making room? I got excited for a minute thinking the twitches were the baby, but then realized it was too high up for that. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated
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korin81 responded:
Sounds like your upper body is making more room for your growing baby , your friend is right on. I have gotten the rib pain a little but I expect it to really kick in by the 7th or 8th month. I always have rib pain when I am pregant, but again not till the end and cool pads and icy hot rub help soothe it. Hope that helps
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