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Bloody Show?
HOlson06 posted:
I'm trying to figure out the difference between the mucous plug and the bloody show. On Tuesday I was 2cm dilated and Wed. morning I lost a bunch of mucous tinged with blood (sorry for the gory details:)). I can't decide if it was my mucous plug or the bloody show. I'm now thinking mucous plug because I think the bloody show happens a lot closer to labor (I read 1-2 days before labor begins). Does the mucous plug normally have a lot of blood in it? I am so anxious for things to get moving!
tracey1234 responded:
Sorry to confuse you even more, but they are kinda the same thing. Quoting straight from "What to Expect when you are Expecting" Pink, or bloody, show: As the cervix effaces and dialtes, capillaries frequently rupture, tinting the mucus pink or streaking it with blood. This "show" usually means labor will start withing twentyfour hours --- but it could be as much as several days away. Loss of mucus plug. As the cervix begins to thin and open, the "cork" of mucus that seals the opening of the uterus become dislodged. this gelatinous chunk of mucus can be passed throught the vagina a week or two before the first real contractions, or just as labor begins. So, I guess that mucus doesn't really have blood in it as most of us think, but the bloody show is mucus with blood in it.... So, Ok that is what the book "bible: says. HTH
mol13 responded:
It is the same thing. It looked different for me last time vs this time. last time it looked like snot with a few bits of old blood; this time it looked like clear snot with blood streaks.

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