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mrsfarkas2008 posted:
I called my midwife yesterday because I was having some really strong cramping all morning. They sent me to L & D to be monitored and checked. Everything came back negative for pre-term labor and the monitor didn't show that I was having contractions, but the doc I saw said he could see the cramping I was having on the monitor. After 8 hours there and a shot of something (don't remember) and a dose of Procarida there, the cramps really didn't stop. They had me lay on my left side for an hour and surprisingly, I felt better. They sent me home on bed rest until my appointment on Tuesday with a scrip for Procardia. My pharmacy just dropped it off and I googled I'm freaked about taking it! Everything I am reading points to only using it for pre-term labor and is used until 34 or 36 weeks.....I'm still having mild cramping, but not nearly as severe as yesterday. Not sure what to do....I've read a lot of stories about women going into labor soon after stopping it...any advice or help would really help! TIA
ch3rip00l responded:
my daughter was on that with her last pregnancy to stop pre-term labor, but she did not like it...made her heart rate go up to uncomfy has different effects on different folks. I don't know much other about it though.... I am sure they would not have scribed it for you though if it weren't safe to take. :wink:
peachyga responded:
I unfortunately have plenty of experience with PTL management :pbpt: This is my 2nd pregnancy and have been on bedrest for PTL since DS came at 37w1d and this LO is trying to come out as well. Anyway, the shot you got at L&D is probably terbutaline to stop contractions. I had to have 3 shots in 1 hour last Thursday to stop contractions that were coming every 3 minutes off the charts. Laying on the left side (or just laying down for that matter) helps a lot, also plenty of water...drink, drink, drink that water! Procardia, terbutaline (Brethine) or other tocolytics and use of it to manage PTL is a rather controversial one. There's only one drug (I can't remember which) that is actually approved for management of PTL, all others are "investigational" or "out of box use". Some doctors use it routinely to stop contractions, based on their own experience in using it on their patients, and some just don't bother because it's not scientifically definitely proven that it will help stop PTL. The drugs themselves have been around for a long time so it is safe to take, so don't freak's just the use of it to manage PTL is rather up in the air. Now, based on my experience, terbutaline shots worked better for me than taking it orally. Yes, my heart races every now and then from it and it's very uncomfortable. But, I just keep telling myself that I just need to make it to the 34 week mark (which is 3 more weeks away) for the baby's sake. They've already given me steroid shots to help mature his lungs so I'm just sitting here.... So get off your feet, lay down, drink lots of water, take the meds, and if the heart rate goes above 120 BPM stop taking it and call your doc. GL!!
feetywheat responded:
I was on it this preg!! with my dd i was on the terbutaline....and it will make your heart burst out your chest! this preg i went on the procardia b/c i went into preterm labor at 30w and had to be on it for 4 weeks. it would give me a headache and make me feel loopy at times. i swear some pills are stronger than others. i'm guessing b/c i was on the meds for so long that when i stopped at 34w.....everything slowed itself and now here i am at almost 40w and can't get a lick of nothing out of my body. yeah...i can manage to contract but can't dilate for nothing!!! hope that helps and ask your midwife could she administer the steroid betamethosone to develop the babies lungs and you'll be good!
snh25797 responded:
I went in at 23 weeks for preterm labor and procaurdia is what the gave me i took it until 34ish weeks I am now 37 weeks and 1cm dialated I didnt have any side effecs from the meds....
jodysauer responded:
I was just prescribed this today by my pernitalogist. im not going to take it until i talk to my ob/gyn because if it is anything like terb it will make my heart rate go crazy. when i got the terb shot in to the l and d three days ago my heartrate went from 88bpm to 136bpm within ten mintues of getting the shot. i dont think it is safe for me to take while at home alone. the nurse was thankful that the first shot worked because from what she said she couldnt give me anymore shots becuase of my heart rate!!!

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