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38 weeks and cramping
LeahPark08 posted:
I have researched and seen that yes cramping and lower back pain are really typical symptoms of labor. I am 38 weeks and 3 days along. I am just curious if this is enough of a reason to go into the Dr. My little sister was supposed to be due the day after me but delivered last sunday. She says she never got a lot of contractions until they broke her water at the hospital. I am just curious if it is even possible to go into labor without feeling many contractions and if it is when do you decide to go to the hospital? since the one that we go to is almost an hour away and my family history if nothing but extremely rapid deliveries.
MB1979 responded:
You can always call your doc and ask, but unless you are having regular contractions they will most likely tell you not to come in. I had cramping and back pain with DS, though it wasn't very painful, but they did increase in frequency and somewhat in intensity. Again, if you're concerned, call your doc. That's what they get paid for!
raggmop022002 responded:
I agree with your doctor. Also if the cramping is regular and it does not go away when you walk around or when you lay down or change positions it might be labor. Sometimes cramping can occur with BH contractions and it does not mean you are in true labor. If they stop when you move around or change positions or if they are not regular than it is probably not labor.

peachyga responded:
I'd save yourself a trip for now. Drink lots of water, lay down, and see if you feel better. Call your doc and ask when s/he thinks you need to come in. Most likely they'll send you home if you're only experiencing cramping and lower back pain. What made your sister go into the hospital in the first place? Everyone is different so I'd call your doc to make sure. If you're a long ways away from the hospital they might instruct you differently. GL!!!
kelsaifi responded:
I've met several women who basically just felt crampy and then delivered. I'd call the Dr. since you have a history of quick deliveries in your family.
mpatel058 responded:
I'm 37 weeks and 2 days. I was not dilated at all on Friday, then had cramping. Went to the doctor yesterday, and found out I dilated 2 cm over the weekend. The cramping was from the dilation.
smharri responded:
I would wait and see how things go. You could call your dr office, and see what they want you to do.

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