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contractions on one side?
melissaj426 posted:
ever since about 6:00 earlier tonight i have been feeling contraction when i lay on my back or on my left side as soon as i turned to my right side they taper off how can this be i cant sleep because after sleeping on my right side for a while i am uncomfortable and need to roll over and then start having the painful contractions has anyone else had this happen to them? i go to the doc today but am wondering if i need to try to go earlier or if they are just bhc i just have never had any as painful as i have been having i mean earlier tonight they were between 4-5 min apart.
March_mommy2be responded:
Braxton Hicks get stronger and painful during the last stages of pregnancy. The difference between true contractions/labor and BHC is you can't do anything to get rid of true contractions. I.e. walking, taking a shower/bath, or in your case, rolling over. Sounds like BHC to me simply because whenever I have them they are normally on one side, the right side. And like you mentioned, when you turn over they taper off.. True contractions wouldn't do that. HTH
melissaj426 responded:
yeah that what i was thinking that is why when i was having them i was changing positions and none of them would get them to go away besides that one position but they just felt very intense they radiated all around my waist starting in my back and slowly coming around to the front almost like a ring around me of pain uggh
KTL2001 responded:
Yeah those are definately BH!! Like PP said they get more intense for some the further along you are. But you can tell they are BH because the contraction is only on 1 side. Real will feel everywhere in your belly. :eek: :pbpt: or for some their back and belly.

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