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Seeing silver spots
Dipper86 posted:
Lately I've been seeing silver spots in my vision. Sometimes there will be just one or two that blink and go away, other times there's a whole bunch and they last for like 30 secs or more. It doesn't seem to be affecting my vision any, but it's odd. I'm not sure if this could be pregnancy related or not (I'm 40 wks Thursday) but I thought I'd see if any of you ladies know what could be causing it. Thanks!
BALMAS1987 responded:
I have the same thing, and it is because my blood pressure gets too low. I have also heard of it doing that when it is too high. You might want to go to your local pharmacy or docters office and see if you can get it read, just to be on the safe side.
March_mommy2be responded:
DH was just reading over my shoulder reading your post and he made the comment that its not a good thing and you should defintely mention it to your doctor. I dont mean to freak you out and he probably doesn't know what hes talking about lol, but still I'd bring it up with your OB. HTH
jwick407 responded:
yeah i have this too - it's not all the time but occassionally - i mentioned it to my dr and she said it could be nothing just from standing up too fast, or from the heat, but she also said that if you have other symptoms such as swollen feet and high blood pressure it could be sign of pre-eclampsia or liver problems - i have both of these other symptoms so i just had my bloodwork done to check if that's the case on friday - no word yet so i think it must be okay.... definitely mention it to your dr....esp if you have those other symptoms or pain in your upper right area of your stomach
mldm21 responded:
Call your doctor and have them check your BP. Whenever I am having BP issues at home the first things they ask are about headaches and any vision changes or if I am seeing spots. It can be a sign of PE. They will need to check your BP and your urine for protein. At this point it's always better to be safe then sorry.
melissaj426 responded:
yeah i have seen them on and off for the last 8 weeks or so i told my doc about them she said it could be surges in blood pressure and as long as they don't stay or happen at a constant time then it wouldn't be anything to worry about.

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